Access Control Technicians Need The Right Training For The Job

Posted on February 18th, 2014

Access Control Technicians Need The Right Training For The Job

Access Control Technicians Need The Right Training For The Job

Today, it's easy to rely entirely on technology for most aspects of a company or facility operation. Everything from card readers to access databases are managed through software and technology, and as a result it's fairly easy to forget that even with all of the modern technology out there, a system is still only as good as the people who help make sure it's running properly. As a result, keeping highly skilled, properly trained system technicians on staff is a must.

These technicians have a lot of responsibilities that are usually taken for granted, and keeping a maintenance professional on hand at all times is an absolute must. For starters, the technicians will handle routine inspection of the equipment that controls a system. One of the biggest problems in today's fast paced business world is that it's easy for stacks of paperwork and other materials to build up. When these things build up and block the ventilation ports and fans of circuit boards, computers, and access control panels it can lead to serious issue. All circuit boards need to remain closed as well to avoid a buildup of dust. Good technicians regularly check to ensure that these things aren't an issue.

Connection points, cables, and conduit are also in need of routine inspection. Trained technicians know how to spot cables or conduit that aren't supported properly, and can also spot connection points or seals that aren't in the proper shape. By spotting and dealing with these issues quickly, a good technician will keep a system working the way that it should and improve the overall level of performance in a big way.

Regular checks for other components are needed as well. Alarm points must be tested individually, while card readers need to be examined to ensure that they work properly for both accepting cards and rejecting those that aren't granted security in a particular area. Additionally, the management of software, database control, and more are needed to keep a security access control system working properly.

Finally, anyone involved in the access control system needs to be sure that they fully understand all access procedures and what is not allowed in a system. Things like loaning cards or propping open doors, for instance, are serious security risks and any access control technician needs to be aware of the rules related to access as well as being trained in the proper operation and maintenance of the system.

Regular training for all new technicians is important. Even those who have experience in the field will likely need to be brought up to speed on a current system to ensure they are able to assist in whatever is needed. Along with new hire training, current access control technicians need to receive refresher training on a regular basis. While their jobs may seem routine, the fact is that certain aspects of access control may simply not be used that much in their day to day activities. And as new technology advances are added to a system, additional training will be needed to keep them up to speed on the new methods and capabilities added to a system.

Simply put, managing access control can be a major, full time job and one that requires a skilled, competent professional at all times. As a result it's important that those who are placed in a technical role are able to handle their duties properly. It's much more involved than just installing a computer program and letting technology handle the rest. There are very real responsibilities, including many that need to be monitored on a regular basis if a facility intends to maintain maximum security at all times.

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