Card Connected Access Control Systems Explained

Posted on December 18th, 2013

Card Connected Access Control Systems Explained

Card Connected Access Control Systems Explained

As the economy has continued to create many financial struggles for business owners, they are doing whatever they can to get the most out of their dollars for less. This certainly includes the costs and benefits of a security system - something that few businesses today can do without. Think about it: if a company has to fire or lay-off employees, they need to make sure that they can quickly and easily restrict access from these potentially disgruntled employees, and one sure fire way to do that is with card connected access control systems.

An access control system is one that restricts access to a given area by means of keeping a door closed. Card controlled access systems are simply accessed by a card with a magnetic strip - just like the ones you see at hotels. However, the systems intended for business use are far more sophisticated and can not only restrict general access but can also restrict by day, person, or place.

These card systems are very simple to use, and far more affordable than most security systems in use today. The cards are less costly to replace than a regular key would be, they cannot be lock-picked, and you may also have the option of receiving logs and reports about all activities at an access point so you can keep an eye on your employee's or visitor's activities.

Essentially, these units will have one main card access system with many mobile units where the card can be read. As the card is read at these mobile units, it sends the information to the central system, is checked for accuracy, and then the access point is denied or allowed. These systems offer the ease of several access points - perfect for busy hospitals, businesses, or schools, and yet they are more affordable than many other security systems, as they do not require multiple central control units but can work with just one.

In addition, thanks to the innovative software on the market today, these card reading access control systems can be controlled and upgraded with a computer. You can retain administrative rights and have full access and can personalize and customize the access points from a remote location. These are terrific for storage areas, large offices, and places where both general and restricted information is kept. You can easily manage the accessibility as needed and can create a customized security plan with very little effort.

The way many of these systems operate makes it possible to use good security even at points where there is no option for wireless control. These locks can be incorporated into your existing locks as well, and you may be able to update and implement changes in security every time someone uses their smart card. This means that automatic updates will remove the need for constant intervention by an administrator and that you can allow your system to work uninterrupted. These systems are often extremely compatible with other networks, and this means that, if there is a need for a new security system, you may be able to simply add on rather than start over from scratch.

Security is never an issue to take lightly, and yet with the current economic woes, more businesses are trying to find ways to improve security while lessening the costs. These card access systems are quickly proving to be easy to implement affordably, even atop existing systems, and they are also one of the most effective ways to restrict access precisely as you need it. Enjoy the lower maintenance costs and the greater versatility and adaptability these systems carry as well as the lessened installation fees.

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