Integrated Access Control Systems

Posted on November 11th, 2013

Integrated Access Control Systems

Integrated Access Control Systems

Access control is one of the security measures that every business should at least consider when determining whether or not they are meeting the needs of their customers and employees. In some cases, access control is as simple as only providing keys to certain areas the personnel who have a legitimate need for them, such as management or security. In other cases, a system that utilizes cards with a magnetic or electronic strip in order to unlock doors adds an added level of security and efficiency.

Companies looking for the ultimate when it comes access control may want to consider a system that is integrated and everything from HVAC systems to lighting and even things like fire alarms. The level of integration will obviously, the cost of the system to go up, but it will provide a company or organization with a higher level of customizability so that they can create a system that perfectly fits their needs both now and in the foreseeable future.

Effective Solutions

Taking a little bit of time now to carefully consider all the options when it comes access control can provide a business owner with much more than just a more secure building. These systems can be used to monitor employee and visitor activity by keeping track of who goes into which areas and when they do so. A business owner can also use these systems to effectively eliminate unauthorized access to critical areas with in their building, such as server rooms or areas where sensitive information is being.

Security Benefits

Access control is all about preventing who can gain access to certain areas or when they are allowed to do so. A valuable side effect of this type of control is that potentially dangerous situations can easily be prevented. For example, employees who are disgruntled can be prevented from gaining access to a building after their shift has ended. Likewise, potentially dangerous members of the community will not be able to enter a building in the first place if effective access control measures have already been put into place. When these systems are integrated into things like CCTV cameras an intruder alarms, the benefits will be immediately apparent.

More Options Than Ever Before

One of the truly remarkable things about access control systems is that there are more choices available than ever before. This means that there is a system out there that will work perfectly for just about any company, no matter what their needs or budget happens to be. There are even plug-and-play solutions which allow a company to purchase a single system which is integrated throughout their business, allowing them greater control than ever before. Of course, that does not mean that a plug-and-play system is right for every business out there. There are simply some organizations that have very unique needs that can only be met by a custom-built access control system.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to choosing the right system is not only the needs of the business and the budget, but also the assets that are going to be protected. For example, a company that is simply looking to monitor who comes and goes will have fewer demands than a company that is looking to protect sensitive information or valuable assets from possible theft. The added security that is provided to visitors, guests, employees, and other individuals by preventing unauthorized individuals from entering a building or area within a building means that these types of systems can serve double duty as both a security measure and one which allows management to do everything from reducing their utility bills to managing payroll more efficiently.

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