Make The Most Of Your Security Camera System

Posted on November 4th, 2019

Make The Most Of Your Security Camera System

Make The Most Of Your Security Camera System

When you get a professional-grade set of surveillance cameras from a security company, you’ll need more than just the cameras and a few mounts to install them on. You’ll also need a recording setup that can put your cameras to good use, not to mention other accessories that will avoid bottlenecks and otherwise keep the cameras from working perfectly. Fortunately, there are many accessories available that can do a lot to help.

Wireless Network Systems

A growing number of high-quality cameras run exclusively using wireless IP connections. This means your cameras will have only one or zero cables to run when you install them, and that can save you a lot of money while removing a big vulnerability. However, high-quality camera footage can use up a lot of wireless bandwidth, and that can take away from the bandwidth your customers use at your business or your family uses at home. That’s why it can help to install a second wireless network dedicated to your security and automation systems. 

Infrared Illuminators 

Some cameras can switch to infrared vision and see in the dark. These cameras usually have infrared (IR) LEDs built in so they can clearly see a room or an outdoor area even when it appears to be completely dark. However, one IR light source may not be enough to clearly see everything in a large room or a wide lawn. That’s why security companies also sell IR illuminators, light fixtures full of IR LEDs that can cover a large area with infrared light. This can help your IR cameras see what’s going on even at large distances.

Hard Drives

HD footage can take up a lot of space, even if you compress your footage. A standard DVR setup has plenty of space to offer, but you might need even more if you install extra cameras or if you plan to keep more than the usual amount of footage at a time. That’s when it helps to add a few extra hard drives and give yourself some extra hours of recordings. Extra hard drives can also make it easier to sort through your camera footage by assigning each camera to a different drive.


Most surveillance cameras can only capture video footage. However, you can also install microphones both hidden and obvious to gather audio recordings that go with your video footage. However, you should remember to be careful about where you put your microphones. A bad placement can make it impossible to hear someone speak, plus your state may have much stricter laws about audio recording.

A set of video cameras is great whether you use it as the foundation of a security system or as a supplement to your existing system. Either way, to get the most out of your system you should remember to make sure your recording setup, network, and other accessories are able to fully support your cameras so you can make the most of them. And if you want to know which accessories to buy, you can always check out what Supercircuits has to offer.

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