Real, True Access Control Becoming More Important Than Ever Before

Posted on December 23rd, 2013

Real, True Access Control Becoming More Important Than Ever Before

Real, True Access Control Becoming More Important Than Ever Before

The media has repeatedly shown anyone with common sense why security is tantamount in this day and age – violent incidents are becoming far more common and this shows why your security is crucial in every way. However, the cost of good security systems can be quite disarming, which is why some business and school owners shy away from investing in a high end security system. What they may not realize is that many of today's access control systems can simply be added on to almost any type of door or lock or existing security mechanism and thus, this greatly reduces the cost of installation.

One of the best and most affordable security access systems involves biometrics. Biometrics, or fingerprint scanning, may sound like science fiction, but this is actually very common and can be found in anything from gun safes to door locks. These systems are often very quick and easy to use and they allow for true recognition for access points, far above and beyond card readers. Cards can be stolen and used to gain access, but fingerprints can't be duplicated and so offer an exceptional security method.

Many of the biometrics systems can be integrated into existing security checkpoints and are good for heavily restricted areas where sensitive information or even medication is being stored. Heartbeat detection is also a possible way to allow access, and this technology, while theoretical until recently, is now available. This is a bracelet that uses that person's heart beat rhythms as identification, much like an ECG.

Your phone may also be part of your security system as well. Some of these security systems allow for remote log on from the phone to control the access security points. In addition, some phones can be recognized by a security access system and allow you to pass through just like you have a card. These are terrific options for companies that provide phones for their employees – essentially, you are giving them a cell phone with a card embedded in it.

For fast security access in an emergency, there is a device on the market that, by using a microchip embedded in a small object, allows you to touch and thus control or use any security device. The object, through touch, gives you access and will automatically allow use as long as you have this fob on your person.

Not only are there devices that can prevent access, there are also devices that can inform someone if a guard is down or injured, send out a panic signal when activated and, if the device is tilted in a certain way, it will signal an alarm as well. These are good items for additional security beyond simple physical access restriction, and are really what you need in true security emergencies. These are very helpful for security guards that have to secure large areas, work late at night or alone or respond to dangerous situations.

While the technology may seem extreme, the sheer availability and affordability of such spy-like devices actually makes it a good idea for security in any type of setting. These devices are often accessible with the Internet and computers and you can often control the access from remote locations. The ease of use also ensures that you can easily handle the situation in an emergency and yet the strictness of these devices also ensures true reliability. Today's technology can make a big difference between surviving a security breach or ending up in in the headlines, and since you can often opt to add these on to existing systems, they are far less expensive than you would expect.

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