Security Solutions for Home Caregivers

Posted on November 26th, 2019

Security Solutions for Home Caregivers

Security Solutions for Home Caregivers

In today's world, people are more connected now than ever before. With the emergence of new technology, it is also becoming easier for us to feel more secure and protected. This is especially true with regard to elder care.

With security cameras and other recording devices readily available, we can monitor the care that our elderly loved ones receive at home. It allows us to place safety and quality care in the forefront.

Benefits of Cameras for Home Caregivers

The biggest advantage of having security cameras to monitor loved ones is the opportunity to ensure they are receiving only the best care and treatment. A family puts a lot of trust in the caregivers; they choose to look over their loved ones, and cameras can help ensure that the trust is not broken.

They offer the family peace of mind and can also go a long way to protect the caregivers themselves. If there is an accident, the footage can quickly tell the family and authorities exactly what happened. This is especially helpful if the elderly one receiving the care is prone to falls and bruising.

Drawbacks of Cameras

Sometimes, the cameras may undermine the attempt to gain the trust of the caregivers. When cameras are involved, there is a sense of privacy and trust involved, and every party needs to have a fair amount of respect.

Some caregivers understand why cameras are installed, while others find them to be an intrusive and disruptive elements for the environment in which they are working.

Remote Monitoring to Maintain Safety and Independence

While having the opportunity to monitor caregivers in the home is beneficial, the right security solutions can also allow the family to remotely monitor their loved ones, and their loved ones can maintain the level of safety and independence they are accustomed to.

Sensors to Track Activity

There are sensors that can be used to track your loved one's activities. For example, bed sensors will send you a notification if they are up at night. You can also receive notifications from sensors placed in the refrigerator and the medicine cabinet. There are also watches and pendants they can wear to detect falls and alert emergency personnel.

Location Tracking

You can also find location tracking devices that allow you to keep tabs on someone's movement whether they are on foot or in a vehicle. The device will alert the caregiver if a loved one has gone beyond the perimeter that was designated. This is especially useful for those who may be suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers.

As you can see, there are many security solutions that can be employed in order for your loved ones to stay at home and still have a high level of security and protection. For more information on these solutions as well as a closer look at what else a security system has to offer, contact Supercircuits today to go over your options.

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