The Benefits of Electronic Card Access Systems

Posted on February 1st, 2017

The Benefits of Electronic Card Access Systems

The Benefits of Electronic Card Access Systems

Thanks to the advancement in technology, business owners have the advantage of protecting their facilities to the fullest Gone are the days when the only security measure would be the use of locks. Now, corporations are not limited to traditional locks; there are also electronic locks that come with access codes and electronic card systems they can use. Although their main purpose is to protect the facility, each has its own advantage over the other. We are going to discuss some of those.

Locks and Keys

This has been the standard form of protection of a building. However, since each employee has a key, there's no way to monitor how the key is being used. There's always the risk that someone will duplicate it and be given to someone unauthorized. Likewise, when someone leaves the organization, even if you already asked the person to surrender his key, you don't have the assurance that he didn't produce a copy of it. Over time, this could lead to a huge loss as you cannot fully be confident about the security of your property.

To avoid that, you'll have to re-key this every time one of your employees leaves the business, and this can be quite costly in the long run.

Numeric Key Locks

Since this locking system doesn't require the use of key, you don't have to worry about someone duplicating your keys. Through this, you'll be able to save a good amount of cash as there won't be a need to replace or re-key the locks every time.

The only disadvantage from the numeric lock is that someone might spill the code to an unauthorized person. However, you can always change the combination in case it happens.

Electronic Card Access

This is considered to be the most secured building option. The locks are replaced with contained devices and can only be unlocked by swiping a card. That means doors can be unlocked during regular hours and locked at a set time. This reduces the need to unlock the door manually. Some systems also provide a notification once the door has been opened for a period of time. Furthermore, this also gives the managers and owners full control. You can monitor who goes inside the building through using a computer. The system also provides an activity log of when and where the card has been used.

Management can also have the right to control the card access system, and this would give the employee the access at certain facility doors at a predetermined time.

The good thing about this is that, once someone leaves the organization, there's no need to re-key or change the locks as the cards cannot be duplicated. It's also possible to remove the privileges electronically, giving you the confidence of being secured. That's why a lot of schools and larger facilities has been utilizing this security measure.

Simple Security Measures

Aside from locks, having a receptionist stationed in the working areas of the building would also help you avoid unauthorized visitors. Another possible option is to have a serve or special storage where only the employees are allowed to enter.

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