Using Access Control Systems For More Than Just Security

Posted on November 20th, 2013

Using Access Control Systems For More Than Just Security

Using Access Control Systems For More Than Just Security

When you think of access control, no doubt the first thing that pops into your mind is an individual swiping a badge through a card reader in order to open a locked door. Although the primary function of access control systems is to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering a building or room, modern systems can do much more than this.


Although payroll may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes access control, it is not difficult understand exactly how these types of systems can make it easier to track the number of hours that employees are spending in their work environments. In companies that have large employee bodies, monitoring when employees come and go can add an extra level of efficiency and accuracy to determining payroll that can actually lead to some very surprising and substantial savings.

Building Security

Obviously, the primary reason that companies put access control systems in place is to prevent unauthorized access. A fortunate side effect of restricting access is that it prevents potentially dangerous individuals from entering a building. Likewise, employees who do not have access to certain areas of a building will not be able to steal. While no business owner wants to assume that their employees pose a security threat, the simple truth is that almost half of all business losses are due from employee theft.

Not only can access control systems be used to restrict who enters a particular area, they can also control when people are allowed to come and go. For example, employees who try to enter a building when they are not scheduled to work can be barred from entry. This prevents a disgruntled employee from coming back later in the evening and posing a potential security risk.

Cost Savings

The very same systems put in place to monitor who is authorized to enter a building or area within a building can also be used to control everything from printers to vending machines. When used effectively, this can actually lead to some pretty surprising cost savings since only authorized individuals will be allowed to use certain equipment and it will be much easier for management to monitor how often those pieces of equipment are being used and by whom. Any business owner can attest to the fact that it is the small costs that often lead up to the biggest losses. While it may cost next to nothing to run a photocopier once or twice, constant unauthorized use of these devices can lead to thousands of dollars in yearly operational costs. By ensuring that these pieces of equipment are only used when necessary, the savings can be substantial.

Energy Bills

When an access control system is used in conjunction with HVAC systems or even lighting, a business can save thousands of dollars on their yearly costs. Rather than having lights on an area where nobody is working, and access control system can be used to only power on certain areas when it is necessary. Likewise, heating and cooling bills can be reduced if a company uses this type of system to prevent unnecessary usage of their heating or cooling systems when individuals are not using a particular area.

When all of the potential benefits are put together, it is easy to understand how an access control system is much more than simply a way of keeping the doors locked unless a person has the right key card. Instead, they can be put to use throughout a business to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of both the workforce and management to streamline costs and some pretty surprising ways.

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