5 Ways to Protect Your Vacant Commercial Property

Posted on January 21st, 2020

5 Ways to Protect Your Vacant Commercial Property

5 Ways to Protect Your Vacant Commercial Property

As a property owner, you want to do everything within your power to protect your investment. This also means protecting it even if it is sitting vacant. At some point or another, you will be faced with a vacant property. Perhaps you are moving locations, or you are in the middle of finding a buyer.

In these cases, you need to have some kind of security in place, or you may face high repair and replacement costs because people broke into the vacant property and caused damage.

Today we will go over a few ways in which you can protect your vacant commercial property.

Maintain the Exterior

One of the best and easiest ways to protect your vacant property is to make sure to maintain the exterior. This shows potential criminals that you care about the property, and you frequently check up on it. Keep the lawn maintained, take care of the weeds, wash the windows, and keep everything raked and trimmed.

Install Motion Detectors

A motion detector for the property is also a good idea. When installed, these devices can detect motion on the property and will immediately notify you. It is the ideal solution for someone who knows their property will be vacant for an extended amount of time.

Stay Off Social Media

You also want to refrain from advertising on social media that you will have a property sitting vacant for any amount of time. If you are a business that needs to inform customers of the move, then you can include it in an email newsletter or update. You can also wait to announce the move until you have a good security system in place for the vacant building as well as your new location.

A Timed Lighting System

Another good way to deter intruders is by making sure the exterior of your property is well-illuminated. Criminals prefer darkness so they can hide and lessen their chances of being seen. With the right lighting system, however, they do not have the cover of darkness on their side.

Timed lights inside and outside of the property also provide you with a way to make the building look occupied. A potential criminal will assume that the property is being used, and they will move on to a new target.

Glass Break Detectors

These are used to trigger an alarm in the case of broken glass from either a window of the building or a door. It is good for unoccupied properties. The monitors use microphones that are sensitive to noise and vibrations from breaking glass. When they pick up on this noise, you are immediately notified. Glass break detectors offer you that added layer of protection and security your property needs when you can't be there.

If you follow these tips above, you will find that you can better secure your vacant commercial property. If you have any other questions on other security methods and devices you can use, contact the experts at Supercircuits today for more information.

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