Keeping Law Enforcement Officers Safe

Posted on December 5th, 2019

Keeping Law Enforcement Officers Safe

Keeping Law Enforcement Officers Safe

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers, in the United States today there are more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers, the highest number ever. Fighting crime takes its toll. While the divorce rate in the US is 50% for police officers it is 60-70%. A police officer is assaulted every 10.3 minutes and in the last decade 1,582 law enforcement officers gave their lives in the line of duty. No doubt about it, this is a tough job. So what can be done to help keep law enforcement officers safer?

Security Tools For Law Enforcement Officers 

Law enforcement officers need to follow all the laws and regulations that come with their job but need to ensure their own safety while on the job. This places them at a great disadvantage to the criminals who have no rules or protocols governing them. To meet these challenges, security technology companies are designing new, innovative products to make the officers job safer. 

Self Defense Tools For Law Enforcement Officers

Police officers use their firearm as a last resort when it comes to self defense. Today, there are other non-lethal tools for self defense to help the police. They include:

- Flashlights that double as stun guns.

- 3 in 1 Batons, that are a baton, flashlight and stun gun containing 20 million volts

- Pepper spray products

Many companies are working on ways to make the tools that a police officer already has into a more successful form of self defense.

Car Cameras For Police Officers

Car cameras or “dash cams” don’t need much explanation. The camera is mounted on the dashboard of the squad car. The camera then records everything that happens in front of the vehicle. This simple tool has multiple uses and benefits such as:

- Monitoring routine traffic stops

- Documenting potential arrests

- Evidence to convict criminals

- Can be reviewed for any accusations of citizens being harassed or brutalized.

- Cameras are an excellent training tool to educate on proper procedure.

Studies have also shown that once the average citizen is aware they are being recorded, they become more civil to the officer and also leads to faster resolution.

Keeping Police Officers Safe Using GPS Trackers And Audio Monitoring Systems

While these tools are used more often in covert or undercover police work, they can be essential tools for police work. Not just for police but GPS trackers and audio monitoring are also beneficial for helping confidential informants (CI) obtain evidence. One of the biggest benefits of these two tools is that if the policeman or confidential informant are being monitored in real time and if necessary, rapid response can be employed to get the policeman or Confidential Informant to safety. The newest generation of GPS trackers for law enforcement allows you to track the person on your smartphone.

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