Make Use Of Mobile Security

Posted on November 6th, 2019

Make Use Of Mobile Security

Make Use Of Mobile Security

Securing a single location works well enough for many businesses, but some industries need to protect and monitor a work vehicle or entire fleets of cars, trucks, or vans. For that you need security systems that are just as mobile as the vehicles you install them in, and depending on your company’s industry there are several features to choose from.

Dash Cams

A dash cam sits on the center of the dashboard and keeps an eye on the road ahead. Some models always record, some models record on demand, and some models can sense when collisions occur and will automatically save the previous minute or so of footage. You can also get dash cams that can flip backwards, a nice feature for taxi services, rideshare drivers, bus companies, and others who may need to record their passengers for safety and liability concerns. 

Backup Cameras

Every passenger car sold in the United States today has to come with a built-in backup camera. This camera shows the driver what’s behind the rear bumper when the vehicle is in reverse, and it’s a big help for parking and avoiding obstacles. However, there are still plenty of older cars on the road that don’t have integrated backup cameras. That’s why many car owners and fleet supervisors buy third-party backup cameras that can give a driver an important rearview perspective. These cameras are especially important for trucks and vans that don’t let drivers see directly behind them. 

GPS Trackers

Shipping companies have vans and trucks that go all across a city or all across the nation, and it can be a big help for management to know exactly where their fleet vehicles are at any given time. That’s why many companies have installed GPS trackers (or make use of built-in trackers) so they can see what progress their drivers are making. Supervisors can see whether their vehicles are on track or lagging behind, and with the right software you can track your vehicles’ progress over time and find out how well your employees are performing. 

Vehicle Alarms 

For personal vehicles a car alarm system is sometimes more trouble than it’s worth. However, for a company’s fleet an alarm system is often essential. Aside from the fact that someone could steal and hotwire the vehicle itself, many professional vehicles are full of expensive equipment and cargo that someone could easily steal if the vehicle is left unlocked and the driver is somewhere else. For instance, someone could steal essential kitchen equipment from a food truck or take cargo from a delivery truck. Alarm systems add an extra layer of protection and deterrence to a fleet vehicle.

Vehicles already come with plenty of safety and security equipment such as air bags and electronic door locks. However, fleet operators can benefit from adding extra features like dash cams, GPS trackers, and vehicle alarms. To find out more about how to secure your fleet and which security systems your company might need, contact Supercircuits and set up an initial consultation.

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