Reasons DIY Security May Be Risky for Small Business

Posted on December 27th, 2019

Reasons DIY Security May Be Risky for Small Business

Reasons DIY Security May Be Risky for Small Business

When you choose security solutions for your business, you do so in the hopes that what you have chosen is going to be enough to protect your business and your assets. A small business often faces a number of different security threats that are unique to their establishment, and sometimes the value of the theft or damage that occurs doesn't even justify the costs of an insurance claim.

So, you want to make sure that each security solution you choose is the ideal choice for your business. Today, we will outline a few reasons why you may want to avoid going for a DIY security solution for small business.

Dangers of DIY Security

DIY security comes with its own set of dangers and disadvantages that you should be aware of before choosing to take this route for your small business.

Improper Monitoring

Wireless cameras can stream live video footage to your mobile device and can capture images and video that can be used later if needed. You can also include motion sensors and many small business owners feel as if this is a great start to a more than effective security system for their business.

However, what happens when motion is detected after hours and you aren't near your mobile device to receive the alerts of this activity immediately? When something happens after hours, you want to make sure that the activity is detected quickly so it can be dealt with. If you are sleeping, you won't receive any notifications until you are awake, so your security system isn't going to be as effective with this kind of monitoring.

Difficult Installation

Most DIY security systems boast of easy installation which makes it more appealing for small business owners looking to save money. However, finding the ideal locations for your security cameras and your motion sensors and connecting to your wireless network is often easier said than done.

You will have several questions that will need to be answered prior to the installation of your security system. For example, how many cameras will you need? Do you need extra coverage anywhere? What about wiring?

Lack of Support

With DIY security systems, there is also a lack of support. If you have questions about the system or you are experiencing problems, you will have to try to contact the manufacturer or go online in hopes of finding an answer to your question. You won't have a local company that is easy to contact to help you whenever issues arise.

Bottom Line

As you can see, with so many drawbacks to a DIY security system, it is in your best interest to consider a professionally installed and monitored security system to protect your small business.

You will have a local provider that is available to help you quickly; you will ensure that the cameras and other security solutions are properly installed to provide you with the best coverage and protection, and you will have a 24/7 monitored system so if something were to happen overnight, it would be taken care of immediately.

For more information on a professionally monitored and installed security system for your small business, contact Supercircuits today to get started.

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