Reasons Why Video Surveillance For Your Business Is Necessary

Posted on June 30th, 2020

Reasons Why Video Surveillance For Your Business Is Necessary

Reasons Why Video Surveillance For Your Business Is Necessary

When it comes to the safety and security of your business, a video surveillance system is a necessity you wouldn’t want to risk not having. 

Over 75% of small businesses utilize some kind of surveillance system. You may want to do the same to protect your hard-earned investment against loss from the public or even from your own employees.

Here is a list of reasons why you should take video surveillance for your business seriously: 

To Deter Crimes Like Vandalism And Shoplifting

One act of vandalism alone can cost you $3,370. Simply having a security camera placed in the view of your employees and non-employees can help deter such crimes. Once potential criminals see that you’ve enforced strict protection for your business and its patrons, they may likely avoid shoplifting, breaking in, or vandalizing since they know that you have the ability to catch them. 

It’s crucial to place a camera just outside the front door so you can see who enters and exits your establishment. Indoor cameras, on the other hand, should cover the entrances and your cash registers.

To Save On Costs 

You, your employees, your managers, and your supervisors can’t be everywhere at once. A video surveillance system can help you reduce security-related costs because it is scalable. As your business grows, integrating additional cameras into an already established network is much cheaper than hiring more on-site security guards.

To Increase Employee Productivity And Decrease Employee Theft 

Your employees work more when you keep an eye on them. A camera monitoring your employees can help you identify those who are not being as productive as others. When you add a camera to your workplace, you’ll notice a difference in your staff members’ behavior. Furthermore, a video surveillance system can also deter employee theft.

To ensure honesty between you and your employees, inform them about the surveillance system and how it keeps them and the business safe and secure. Establish a company policy that lets them know why the cameras are there. Remember to keep cameras out of private places such as lavatories, changing areas, and break rooms.

To Provide Great Customer Experience 

If customer satisfaction is your top priority, the existence of security cameras and a video surveillance system lets your patrons know that you value their safety. This can greatly improve their overall attitude toward your business. 

As for your parking lot, make sure it has adequate lighting and video surveillance. This will reduce vehicle break-ins and vandalism and safeguard your customers as they enter and exit their cars. 

To Have Access To Real-Time Footage 

When you have continuous, real-time monitoring, you and your authorized employees can monitor critical business areas anytime, anywhere. That’s 24/7 peace of mind for you.

There are a lot of risks involved in not protecting your business, employees, and customers. Take the necessary steps to secure your business every day. Want to learn more? Talk to a Supercircuits security expert today. Give us a call at 877-995-2288.

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