Small Business Security Trends To Watch For

Posted on August 19th, 2020

Small Business Security Trends To Watch For

Small Business Security Trends To Watch For

Some small business owners fail to have the proper security solutions in place for their business because they feel that those are just too expensive or they do not have anything that a hacker or thief would be interested in. However, that is the wrong kind of thinking to have if you want to find better ways to protect your enterprise.

Today, we will go over small business security trends to watch for so you can be more prepared in the future.

Security For Employee Devices

With more people working from home these days, businesses have had to figure out how to adapt. It also means that cyberattacks are on the rise. In 2020 so far, about a third of all data breaches have involved small businesses. For that reason, business owners need to take the necessary steps to protect their digital presence at all times.

With the implementation of basic IT security requirements alone, you can significantly decrease the chances of malware infection or lost and stolen data. If your employees are using devices at home to connect to your business networks, see to it that their devices are protected by antivirus programs. Those solutions should also be updated to their latest versions regularly since new types of threats may come up at any time.

Password protection is also important, and it should be applied to all home and mobile routers. Wi-Fi connections in the home have to be encrypted as well to help deter hackers from trying to access the network.

Facial Recognition

Some may use facial recognition as a way to identify individuals and track their movements for the sake of enhancing security. However, many see it as an invasion of privacy. That is why more solutions are being developed to follow through with a more privacy-driven approach. Those will help reduce people’s concerns while improving safety and security for small businesses.

Visitor Entry And Management

More than 54 percent of businesses have some form of electronic visitor management system in place. It is a way to increase security and reduce paperwork. If a sign-in is required to visit your small business, then this can streamline the process. Visitors can sign in at a kiosk, and the technology can be integrated with a current employee directory. This can notify people with an email or text when guests arrive. This has been seen more often in businesses in the healthcare industry.

Video Surveillance

More businesses are also beginning to increase their budget when it comes to the security efforts they put into place. They are investing in updated security systems, purchasing more high-definition (HD) security cameras, and making sure that they take the necessary cybersecurity precautions as they grow and scale their business.

If you think you can benefit from upgrading your current security system or want more information on new technology meant to keep small businesses safe, contact the security experts at Supercircuits today to get started. We would be happy to address all of your needs.

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