The Best Indoor Security Cameras For Your Home

Posted on September 8th, 2020

The Best Indoor Security Cameras For Your Home

The Best Indoor Security Cameras For Your Home

The Best Indoor Security Cameras For Your Home


Your home should be your castle. In it you and your family should feel secure and safe from harm. Whether you live in a major city or a small community, bad things can happen to good people. To protect yourself and your family, having security cameras installed can be one of the least expensive ways to protect your property and loved ones.


Different Types of Security Cameras.


About 3.7 Billion burglaries occur in the United States every year. That is a staggering amount. So let’s go over the different types of security cameras you may want to look into for home safety and security. There are two main types of cameras used for home security. Those are indoor and outdoor. Then within those types you have several more types. Let’s look  at some of your indoor and outdoor security camera options.


Outdoor Security Cameras


The major difference between an outdoor camera and indoor is primarily that outdoor cameras are weather resistant to withstand bad weather and sun. Most outdoor cameras are covered in a protective coating to last for years. Because of this coating they are more expensive than indoor cameras.


  1. Wired Outdoor Cameras:


These cameras are wired to a central recording device. Typically they are long and cylindrical in shape, giving them the name “bullet camera”. They can be mounted on walls or ceilings and do not need an outlet. Some brands of wired cameras can be used inside and outside of the home.


  1. Wireless Outdoor Cameras:


Wireless outdoor cameras are similar to wireless indoor, except for their size and water resistance. They need to be mounted to a wall or structure using a mounting plate and screws. Some of the newer models also come equipped with an integrated spotlight and a siren that will go off and scare away intruders.


  1. Wire Free Outdoor Cameras:


These cameras are wireless and operate on rechargeable batteries so no need for an outlet. They only detect motion. They usually have the same features as an outdoor wireless, only they cannot record continuously as their battery power limits them.


  1. Floodlight Cameras:


While similar in appearance to the traditional “flood lights”, they also start recording when the large floodlight turns on. This allows the camera to capture a clean video. These cameras can be hardwired or powered by an outlet.


  1. Video Doorbells:


Many people do not think of a video doorbell as an outside security camera, but it does so much more than announce who is at the door. Video doorbells cameras detect motion when the doorbell is pressed and starts recording. Most also allow you two way audio not just from your smart speaker but your smartphone even when you are not at home.


Indoor Security Cameras


In addition to outdoor cameras, indoor cameras are also a beneficial component to home security to have. Indoor security systems today have so many perks in addition to security. The choices are amazing.


  1. Wired Indoor Cameras:


Wired indoor cameras are connected to a central recording device by a coaxial cable or ethernet cable. These are generally dome cameras, which can be mounted on ceilings and provide a wide field of view inside a home.


  1. Wireless Indoor Cameras:


Also called Wi-Fi cameras or IP cameras, wireless indoor cameras connect to a Wi-Fi network and store their footage in the cloud. There are a number of specialty indoor cameras, including cameras that dispense treats to your dog or cat, and baby cams that record.


When it comes to your home and family, they deserve to feel safe and secure. When it comes to purchasing them and having them installed the professionals at Supercircuits will not only advise you on the best cameras for your needs, but our prices are unbeatable. So give us a call today and see how we can keep your home and family from being another statistic.



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