Understanding School Lockdown Procedures and Security Efforts

Posted on March 11th, 2020

Understanding School Lockdown Procedures and Security Efforts

Understanding School Lockdown Procedures and Security Efforts

If there is any kind of emergency on campus, it is important that all staff and students understand how they need to react. With so many recent emergency situations on school campuses, it has caused several establishments to reevaluate their security efforts and lockdown procedures.

For greater peace of mind for all students, staff, and parents, it is important to gain an understanding of your child's school lockdown procedures and security efforts.

Types of Lockdowns

Each school is going to have their own categories of lockdown procedures. Here are a few of the most common types:

Shelter In Place. This means that an evacuation is not required because the threat or health hazard is external.

Internal Threat. If there is a threat or danger in the school or on the campus, then everyone is kept safely inside until that threat has been removed.

External Threat. This is a threat outside of the school. This lockdown procedure helps keep everyone safe inside while keeping the threat off the campus and out of the school

Full Lockdown. This is when there is an immediate threat on campus or in the school that requires quick and immediate action.

There are several situations that could warrant a lockdown of the school and campus, including an active shooter situation, hostage situation, riot, nearby police activity, and national disasters.

The Procedure

If there is a lockdown, there are certain things that should be done to improve the level of safety for everyone involved. All the doors and windows should be locked, and if the door is unable to lock, then it needs to be blocked and enforced with heavy items.

Unless instructed to do so by an official, you should refrain from opening any doors or windows until everything has been cleared. You should also turn off all the lights, close the blinds, and instruct all students to stay low to the ground and as far away from the windows and doors as possible.

Lockdown Systems

When it comes time to compare lockdown systems for your school, there are a few things to consider. You never want a delayed response from law enforcement when there is a lockdown in place. Delayed responses are often caused by confusing or conflicting information. It is imperative that the right information is conveyed, including the location, the room number, and any other relevant information they may need.

The right lockdown system will notify the authorities immediately for much faster response time. This kind of quick response can ultimately save lives.

The system also needs to effectively alert all building occupants. This means not having to rely just on the school's PA system to relay important information. There needs to be a solution in place to notify all building occupants directly, including any students who may be at their lockers or in the restrooms.

For more information on how lockdown systems can help ensure a safer campus and other security solutions you can implement for school safety, contact the security experts at Supercircuits today to go over your options and find the best solution for your campus.

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