Understanding Security and Asset Tracking for Hospitals

Posted on December 11th, 2019

Understanding Security and Asset Tracking for Hospitals

Understanding Security and Asset Tracking for Hospitals

As with any other kind of business, loss prevention and asset tracking are just as important for a hospital like any other organization. The assets contained in a hospital can be very pricey, and this can be seen through the rising costs we have seen over the last decade.

From IVs and pumps to sterilized trays and more expensive equipment like wheelchairs, beds, and scanners, these costs all go into the thousands for each piece of equipment.

Having the right asset tracking solution in place for the hospital helps with the overall security of the facility and also helps with overall efficiency. It provides you with much more visibility, along with a real-time view of all the assets and equipment in the facility.

Easy to Use

Asset tracking is easy to use and can be customized to fit the unique needs of the hospital. Most asset tracking technologies use barcode tracking. This helps improve material management coordination and cuts down on the amount of time it takes hospital staff to hunt down a specific item or piece of equipment.

Barcode scanners allow hospital staff to check equipment in and out, and the exact location of the item can be found at all times.

Accurate Records

All of this also allows the hospital to maintain accurate and precise records of all the equipment. This can help with waste management and resource management. When an item needs repairs or needs to be replaced or replenished, an asset tracking system also makes the purchasing process easier to follow through with and monitor.

Other Benefits of Asset Tracking for Hospitals

With the right asset tracking and security measures in place for the hospital, you can track inventory across multiple departments in the facility as well as those hospitals with more than one campus. You can also track all fixed and mobile files and assets, as well.

Access Control Systems for Hospitals

With access control technology for hospitals, we also see a lot more integration with the different systems. These advancements and integrations allow for multi-technology to be used. RFID is just one way you can integrate your asset tracking and access control systems.

In addition to tracking assets like the equipment, it can also be used to track staff and patients. Active RFID has been used more and more to help identify any problems there may be in the workflow of the facility and keeps operations running more efficiently and faster.

Final Thoughts

With this kind of technology in place, hospitals can take advantage of everything asset tracking and access control has to offer and can work toward making the hospital a much safer and more efficient environment for everyone.

For more information on access control systems, video surveillance, or anything else you may be considering to amp up your security efforts, contact Supercircuits to discuss any and all options available for your healthcare facility.


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