What Attracts a Burglar to Your Business During the Holidays

Posted on December 13th, 2019

What Attracts a Burglar to Your Business During the Holidays

What Attracts a Burglar to Your Business During the Holidays

December is considered a peak month for burglars. While we hear of many homes being burglarized during the holidays, it also happens frequently in businesses as well. For this reason, we need to remain vigilant and pay closer attention to what is happening in business during the holidays to protect ourselves as well as our investment.

With all your seasonal promotions and events, you are attracting more and more people to your business. This can definitely help boost your sales, but it can also leave you very vulnerable when it comes to theft and fraud, as well. So, what is attracting burglars to your business during the holidays?

Short Staffed

Some businesses may find themselves short-staffed during the holidays because of people taking time off or even calling in sick. With the sudden increase in traffic at your store because of the holidays, this means there will be more customers and fewer employees to help and watch over things.

This presents the perfect opportunity for a burglar to get in and out during business hours without being noticed.

Strategic Temptations

During the holidays, you may want to place some higher-end items on display to bring more customers into your store. However, when you do this, you are attracting burglars. The items that are going to catch the eye of a burglar should be kept out of harm's way.

If you want to put these more expensive items on display, make sure you also follow through with the proper security measures to ensure that the items stay in place until they are purchased. For example, a display at the front counter where there is always an employee is a good idea.

Vulnerable Access Points

A burglar is also always looking for an easy way to get in and out of a location. This is when having a working security and alarm system is important. Evaluate your storefront and the rest of the property to determine where security cameras may be the most beneficial for your business.

Outdoor Lighting

Another thing that is attractive to a burglar is darkness. If the outside of your business is shadowed and not well illuminated, they can use this to their advantage. Burglars like to hide in the shadows and gain entry without being seen. To fix this, make sure all of your lights outside of the building are operational. You should also consider motion lights for certain areas outdoors, as well.

Bottom Line

When the holidays come around it is especially important to evaluate the security needs of your business to determine how secure and protected you are. This is a good time to assess the outside of the property to make sure all cameras and lights are in proper working order.

You should also assess the condition of all entry points to ensure the locks are working. Finally, you should also make sure to have the right video surveillance system in place, so if something does happen, you have the video footage you need as evidence.

For more information on security solutions for your business during the holidays, contact Supercircuits today.


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