What You Should Know About School Video Security

Posted on March 30th, 2020

What You Should Know About School Video Security

What You Should Know About School Video Security

Based on statistics, over 84% of students aged between 12 to 18 years have reported seeing one to several other surveillance cameras around their campus. Schools are expected to have a policy laid out regarding the installation of school video cameras, which will outline the rights and responsibilities of the whole community—from the institution’s educators, administrative body, student population, and staff members.

What Are Some Of The Top Things That Should Be Included In The School’s Surveillance Policy?

The policy must include clear statements that specify the allowable reasons to use security cameras. Determining who will have access to security data is also essential, as these would be outlined in the policy, too.

Those who have access to recorded security footage will also have detailed descriptions of their roles and responsibilities. This holds people with sensitive data accountable for security measures.

Where Are Campuses Allowed To Set-Up Surveillance Equipment In And Around The Premises?

There are typically surveillance cameras installed in common areas that do not in any way infringe on a student’s privacy rights. Some examples of locations where security cameras are allowed in-campus include classroom areas, corridors, hallways, cafeterias and other common gathering areas such as gymnasiums, laboratories and shops, as well as those spaces skirting the property’s perimeters like loading and unloading areas. No type of surveillance equipment is allowed inside campus bathrooms, showers, or toilets.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Installing Surveillance Cameras In School?

Security equipment in schools discourage thieves, sexual predators and other shady characters from getting close to your property. It’s one of the first red flags for criminals wanting to target any kind of place. Research says over 60% of convicted thieves said that security cameras in and outside buildings had them looking for easier prospects. You guessed it right, those without surveillance or any type of security system installed.

Having surveillance cameras installed in campus will also deter bullies and rule violators from harming anyone in the community. No matter how we want it to be false, bullies still do exist. What’s more, when you have security footage, you will be able to weed out unwanted visitors or intruders in real time, or catch them through the recording. Better behavior is seen among school community members within an institution equipped with CCTV security cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aside from making the bad guys think twice about doing anything nasty, school surveillance cameras are able to give parents as well as some students a little peace of mind. Everyone wants to make sure that all measures are available to help protect innocent children from various kinds of threats.

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