3 Things That Make Your Home A Target For Burglars

Posted on March 25th, 2020

3 Things That Make Your Home A Target For Burglars

3 Things That Make Your Home A Target For Burglars

The home is often the most important singular possession that most own because of, not just its value, but also because of what it represents. Think of the home as like your own personal palace, as it houses not just you and your loved ones, but also the majority, if not, the entirety of your prized possessions.  Naturally, this will draw attention from the people around you, which can, unfortunately, mean you’ll also draw interest from burglars salivating at the idea of taking away your possessions for themselves. But while some things are quite obviously going to make your home a target, there are some that simply aren’t. Here are three things you might not expect will make your home a prime target, as well as ways to strengthen your home security in light of this.

Unintentional Display Of Wealth

Burglars, of course, only strike in homes where they know they can strike gold one way or another. Homeowners can inadvertently display how much money they have through their lawn ornaments, cars parked out front, and even their trash.  

First off, avoid being too showy with how good of a homemaker you are with your front yard. The more fancy lawn ornaments and furniture displayed to the public, the likelier for potential burglars to see something they like. If you have a fancy sports car, don’t show off, park it out back or in your garage. Lastly, make sure your trash isn’t showing off the box your new flatscreen just came out of, or designer shopping bags you just happened to throw out—make sure to thoroughly shred them or find a way to thoroughly conceal them before throwing them out.

Signs That You Are Not Home

Unless you have security cameras on your property, burglars would not think twice about robbing a home knowing nobody’s coming home anytime soon. This can be displayed through obvious “we’re not home” signs left out for mailmen, unclaimed packages on your porch, a stuffed mailbox, or even an unkempt lawn. Before leaving your home for an extended period of time, alert the post office to hold onto your mail and packages until you come back. You should also make sure to hire someone to maintain your lawn while you’re away. 

Lack of Home Security

Whether or not you’re at home, a house that is free of any home security devices serves as a big, red target just inviting burglars to rob them. Once they notice that there isn’t anything that could provide a shred of evidence of their unwanted visit, they won’t think twice about adding your home to their list of targets. Whether it’s one security camera or a sophisticated home security system, any form of home security will be of great help in keeping you and your family safe.

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