Can My Home Security System Move with Me?

Posted on July 2nd, 2020

Can My Home Security System Move with Me?

Can My Home Security System Move with Me?

One of the biggest questions a homeowner has when moving is if their home security system and equipment can move with them. Well, the simple answer to this common question is a resounding yes! 

Newer home security systems we have today can be easily moved from place to place. It makes investing in a security system a more cost-effective solution to keep your home secure.

Easy Move

Let your security company know when you are planning on making the move to your new home. They can help you with the process, including how to best transfer your service and equipment over to the new address. Some companies even offer a moving kit that contains all the essential items you need to make the transition safe and easy to accomplish. For example, they may give you new sticker decals, adhesive strips, sensor boxes, and more. 

DIY Security Systems

If you have a DIY security system a system you had installed yourself that is not being professionally monitored, then you can still easily move your equipment with you on your move; however, some systems will prove to be much easier to relocate than others. It really all depends on the type of equipment you have and how it was installed.

Easy to Move Security Systems

If you know you are likely to move in the future, you can always opt for a security system for the home that is easy to move. Wireless security systems are easy to move because nothing is hardwired into the home. It is easy to uninstall each piece of equipment you have and then reinstall it at the new location.

If your security system is cellularly connected, you will find these systems also prove to be easy to move. You don't have a landline system that is dependent on phone lines. All you have to do is check your cell coverage at the new location to make sure you have a good signal.

Check Policies

Finally, if you do have a home security company and professional monitoring for your system, don't forget to check the policy on moving and make sure they can still cover you. They can help make your move and transition into a new and secure home a lot easier to handle amidst everything else you have on your moving checklist.

You also want to see if there are any additional fees you may have to pay that are associated with moving your wireless security system. For example, some may charge a new activation fee, or you may need professional installation in the new home. 

For more information on home security systems and which to buy that are portable and more transferrable in the case of a move, contact the experts at Supercircuits today. They can discuss all your home security options with you or help you make your next move a lot easier to handle. 

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