Common Mistakes When Installing Home Security Cameras

Posted on June 29th, 2020

Common Mistakes When Installing Home Security Cameras

Common Mistakes When Installing Home Security Cameras

You must know by now that you can make your home a much safer place by installing security cameras. However, just having one doesn’t mean you can already sit back and relax. 

The effectiveness of your security camera will depend on where you place it. Positioning is a critical part of installing your camera. Here are some common mistakes you might want to avoid when looking for that perfect spot for your video surveillance equipment:

Placing Your Camera At The Highest Point 

The highest point of the property probably has the best view of the entire place, right? Wrong. While placing your camera there provides a larger view, the downside of doing so is that you will not get a detailed look at a criminal’s features. What your camera will catch is just an unidentifiable figure.

Hiding Your Camera 

You have a better chance of deterring criminals if your security cameras are visible. Furthermore, footage that you will get from hidden cameras is likely to be grainy, making it useless for the police. 

Placing The Camera At Inefficient Places 

Don’t place your cameras at the corners of your home so as to maximize their coverage area. Corners create blind spots that will reduce the efficiency of your security system. As much as possible, for cameras outside your home, don’t point them at the ground, and avoid capturing the sky as well.

Exposing Cameras To Too Much Or Too Little Light 

Light should always be at the top of your mind when installing cameras as light sources could wash out your images. Conduct a visual inspection to work out the possible blockages in the proposed camera position. Also, it’s critical to ensure that the camera’s focus will not be affected by the glare of the sun at different times of the day.

At night, on the other hand, you should consider the opposite. If your camera does not have a night vision feature, provide enough lighting to maintain the clarity of the footage your camera will capture. 

Best Locations 

To give you an idea as to where you should place your cameras, here are the best locations you might want to consider: 


It might seem like no one would have the guts to do this nowadays, but most break-ins involve force entry through the front door. This might not come as a surprise because people either forget to lock their doors or place their keys in an accessible area.

Doors that are unnoticeable allow uninvited visitors to enter undetected. It’s best to add cameras to your secondary doors so that you’ll know who goes in and out of your home at all times.

Place a camera in your garage and driveway as well. This will keep an eye on tools, bikes, equipment, vehicles, and the other important things you keep in those areas. 


For security cameras inside your house, position some in common areas such as the kitchen or the living room. This is a great way for you to monitor the activities of your kids and pets and to check on hired professionals such as repairmen and cleaners. 

Get The Help Of Specialists 

If you need more advice on where to place your security cameras in your home, don’t fret. Our security experts at Supercircuits would be happy to provide you with assistance. Just reach out to us at 877-995-2288 today.

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