Four Types Of Home Security Cameras

Posted on December 9th, 2019

Four Types Of Home Security Cameras

Four Types Of Home Security Cameras

Choosing a security camera should be a straightforward process but thanks to advances in technology, the choices can be overwhelming. So before purchasing a security camera system, it helps to understand some basics about the different security cameras and which ones will suit your requirements. We have listed below types of security cameras and their functions.

1. Bullet cameras:

Long and cylindrical in shape they do resemble a bullet somewhat. This camera is highly recognizable due to its appearance and is an excellent visual deterrent to criminals. Chances are if a burglar sees a bullet camera, they are more than likely to move on to an easier target. They are easily mounted indoors or out, on a wall or a ceiling. The tip of the bullet camera has a small cover protecting the camera lens from the elements and helps reduce glare. The downside to bullet cameras is that you can only focus on a fixed view such as entrances and exits. Due to their recognizable shape they are also more prone to vandalism.

2. Dome Cameras:

Dome cameras are just that, a camera in a small dome. More discreet than the bullet camera they are commonly used indoors mounted on ceilings but are also used outdoors. The advantage over the bullet camera is that the dome camera has a wider viewing angle and are more resistant to vandalism. Both the dome and bullet cameras can be purchased with night vision heat and motion sensor technology.

3. Wireless IP Cameras:

Wireless Internet Protocol (IP) cameras record, collect and stream data over a wireless network. IP cameras connect to your home or business WiFi network and allows you to view your security footage anywhere you are. There are three types:

  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • Wire Free

Wired are more traditional cameras and the camera is directed (wired) to the recorder that connects to your router and then the internet. Depending on the model may also require a separate power cable. Wireless does not mean “wire-free” They still require a power cord. Wire-free is a battery powered camera and is 100% free of cables and power cords. They are easy to install and the security footage is stored in the cloud.

4. Smart, Voice Integrated Cameras

This is one of the newest security cameras on the market Voice commands are used to control and monitor your wireless security system. When integrated with existing smart home devices, you benefit from the ease of use and comprehensive coverage. Most of these cameras integrate well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

In addition to which camera to choose, there are various features to also consider, such as night vision, image quality and zooming ability. Once you have determined what your security camera needs are and what type you need, the team at Supercircuits can help you with over 1,000 video security and access control solutions. America’s security experts since 1989, call us to see how we can help you obtain the security you need at a reasonable price.

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