How To Tell If Your Homes Front Yard Attracts Burglars

Posted on July 16th, 2020

How To Tell If Your Homes Front Yard Attracts Burglars

How To Tell If Your Homes Front Yard Attracts Burglars

A break-in often comes after a burglar has done some preparation. They scope out potential targets they’ve spotted to determine whether the rewards outweigh the risks. This means they will use any sort of information they can gather about a property to determine if breaking into it is worth the time and effort. 

One factor they look at is the front yard. Much like trying to determine if there are extravagant valuables inside a house, there are ways to spot value in a property’s front yard. Read on to learn a few ways to tell if your property’s front yard is attractive to burglars.

A Flashy Car Parked Out Front

Nothing quite paints your home as a big red target for burglars like blatant displays of wealth do. While none of us should blame ourselves for causing a home burglary, it helps to not be too inviting. A flashy car is only one out of many examples of things you shouldn’t be displaying out in your front yard. Expensive lawn ornaments, speakers, and even sculptures also let burglars know that you’re probably loaded and that there’s a lot more to discover inside.

Tall Hedges

While tall shrubbery creates a more attractive and seemingly secure facade for your home, it can do much more harm than good. Common house burglars typically look for homes where they can get the job done while attracting little to zero attention to themselves as much as possible. Because of this, tall, shadowy hedges in your front yard make for perfect hiding places and allow for a quick entrance and escape. Fix this issue by trimming your hedges and shrubbery every few weeks to make sure they don’t get too tall. Better yet, if you weren’t a big fan of them in the first place, get rid of them entirely.

Lack Of A Video Surveillance System

The absence of a modern home video surveillance system is one of the biggest go signals you can give a house burglar. Even if your doors are protected by video surveillance cameras, anyone can easily make an undetected entrance by running through your yard and going in through a window or your garage. To resolve this issue, have at least one camera keeping watch over your home’s front yard and exterior areas. 

By not giving away clues like the ones we’ve mentioned, you can make it so that your front yard doesn’t hamper your ability to prevent break-ins from happening. Nevertheless, even with careful planning and attention to detail, there is no fool-proof way to deter burglars from attempting to break into your home.

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