The Three Factors Of Effective Home Security

Posted on July 28th, 2020

The Three Factors Of Effective Home Security

The Three Factors Of Effective Home Security

The USA is experiencing one of its most significant challenges right now as the COVID-19 virus spreads throughout the nation. Unfortunately, this isn’t just an American problem given that the virus is a full-fledged global pandemic, and it has changed the way everyone lives and works.

As a result, more people have been spending time at home, and this has put a renewed emphasis on making sure one’s property is not just in good physical condition but also secure. A safe home is one that is resistant to criminal threats as well as structural ones. Here are the three factors all homeowners should consider when trying to create a safer home environment.


One of the best ways to stop a criminal act is to not have it take place at all. This is the role of deterrence, which is all about making it clear to a criminal that a home is not worth targeting. Thieves are in their line of work because they are looking for an easy, low-risk way to get goods they can sell for money. However, the presence of security equipment such as surveillance cameras and alarms increases risk while decreasing reward.

Surveillance cameras, especially if there are no hedges on the property for someone to hide behind, lead to a higher chance of not only being spotted but also being recorded. Meanwhile, with alarms, instead of having hours to search a home for valuables, thieves only have minutes before law enforcement officers come.


Another important aspect of home security is not assuming that deterrence is enough. Certain mechanisms must be in place to prevent theft. These may be in the form of quality digital locks with deadbolts that discourage lock picking. They may also come in the form of sturdy locks placed on windows and ensuring that all of the doors and windows are secured at all times.

The majority of home invasions occur either through the front or back door or through unlocked windows. Taking precautions with these points of entry goes a long way toward stopping theft.


In the 21st century, a very real security threat has to do with one’s home computer network. Thanks to the proliferation of wireless networks and their associated devices, it’s now easier for technically inclined thieves to view a network. Invading and seizing control of that network, however, is entirely a matter of whether homeowners take proper cybersecurity precautions or not.

Baby monitors, for example, can now be seamlessly connected to a wireless network. However, many owners forget to change the default settings of these devices, including the password to gain access and control to them. By neglecting this measure, families leave baby monitors open to being seized by strangers. Those individuals may use the devices for mischief and go on to explore the rest of the network, including other devices connected it.

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