How to Properly Secure School Grounds in Case of Emergency

Posted on February 12th, 2020

How to Properly Secure School Grounds in Case of Emergency

How to Properly Secure School Grounds in Case of Emergency

Teachers may be responsible for teaching students in the classroom. School administrations, however, have a complementary duty, which is to take necessary steps to ensure the safety and progress of the students inside the campus.  

In a time when shootings and other serious criminal activities can occur on school grounds, even the smallest steps can save a dozen lives. For instance, a more vigilant security system can help parents, teachers, and students feel more at ease so they can just focus on learning.

Security Versus Privacy: Where to Draw the Line

The first question when it comes to using security cameras in school is where exactly one should expect these cameras. The U.S. courts have ruled that surveillance recordings do not violate the Fourth Amendment in terms of scrutiny, so long as it follows the guidelines of privacy.

A good gauge would be to know the expected level of privacy that one can have in a public space like schools. In keeping with people’s rights, courts have found that areas with low expected privacy, as with the case of hallways and classrooms, can have surveillance systems without violating any laws. On the contrary, areas with high expected privacy, such as bathrooms and lockers, cannot have any security cameras. 

One other step to take would be to coordinate with the school community by way of handbooks and guidelines to inform them of the surveillance system that is in place. By knowing the differences between these two locations, one can ensure the students’ safety without going beyond what is appropriate in enacting safety.

Accounting for Students in Case of Emergency 

Security systems are often related inappropriate or criminal activities that may occur on school grounds. Yet what some school administrations may forget, these systems can also be used as tracking for emergencies. 

Emergencies can happen at any time, and even school administrators may not have full control of the situation when it involves hundreds of students on-site. Depending on the kind of security system that is set up, it is possible to use the security cameras as a way to monitor students during crisis or trouble on campus.

When properly utilized, the school security system can easily become a surveillance to ensure that every student is safe. For instance, in case of fires or flooding, it would be good to have eyes on the areas that may need evacuation but have little communication lines.

It would be good to place the system control in an area accessible to the individuals who are responsible for monitoring the safety of the students. By doing this, the security system can double as a safety net for times of trouble.

Safeguarding From Dangers Outside the School 

Corners of the school grounds, especially those that can be accessed by visitors and other individuals, can unwittingly become a ground for criminal activity. Between drugs and potential inappropriate behavior, high-traffic areas in school can be monitored properly to prevent crimes from happening in the first place.

More than a review of potential criminal cases after the fact, an effective school security system can be used in real-time to apprehend emergencies and issues on the campus.

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