Securing Campus Access Control One Door, One Day At A Time

Posted on December 9th, 2013

Securing Campus Access Control One Door, One Day At A Time

Securing Campus Access Control One Door, One Day At A Time

Not only should campus security be concerned about their access control needs of today, but they should also be worrying about their needs for the future, and to that end, should be looking into their options for extending their campus access control. Fluidity and versatility are especially important for security at large settings like college campuses, and it is vital that security measures that are currently in place do not restrict future security access needs. When getting an access control system, always keep an eye on the eventual expansion or convenience needs of these security systems as well.

Basically, a campus security access control system is in place to control the people going in and also going out of a building. Whether it is to keep kids indoors of the dorms after curfew or to protect the students within the building from trespassers, the security needs to be double sided for a campus in many cases. However, due to the sheer volume of activity through these doors, you need to make this system as convenient as possible for the students and advisors as well. While a lock and key are still very effective, for large bodies of people like at a university, this is an unmanageable option. After all, a lock can still be picked and students will still lose their keys.

Electronic locks are today's take on the old lock and key standby of the past, and with many advantages. An electronic lock can stand alone or it can be utilized along with other security devices and controlled access points as well, so it is perfect for security needs of any size. While these doors are a bit more expensive to install, they often have a long lifespan and due to the effectiveness and low maintenance, will often pay for themselves very quickly.

Some of the cost may be due to the actual installation process, and this could include costs for:

  • Door modification
  • Stand-alone systems
  • PIN code pad installation

For those campuses that are opting for the PIN code electronic locks, these often represent the best security option for the least amount of modification and investment, and you can program for a virtually unlimited number of users as well. Most of these doors work off of either batteries or a simple electrical connection and they are low maintenance and simple to use. They often require a three to seven digit pin code that can be changed or upgraded as needed, and this allows easy access for administrators as well as students.

Card readers are yet another option that is easy to use, and these also control access points to a remarkable degree. These systems are more expensive, but are more reliable and they also have many options as well. You are able to set them up for many access points, or restrict it to a select few, and the versatility of this security system really makes it perfect for campuses.

These card reading systems let an administrator with the right privileges to update the lock, remove or add users or even allow select access points at certain times of the day - perfect for dorms. This means that a dormitory administrator can handle the access point of the dorm without the need for costly changes to the lock system. These flexible systems can easily be enlarged or improved later as needed and they also offer very fast access or lockdown in emergency situations as well. They can also easily be implemented along with other existing security devices and systems, and can seamlessly help you control the flow of traffic.

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