4 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Secure

Posted on October 30th, 2020

4 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Secure

4 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Secure

Homeowners often worry about home security at night. However, the truth is that under normal circumstances, 60% of home burglaries occur during the day. Typically that’s because most people will be at work, and children will be at school. Hence, thieves prefer the reduced chances of an encounter with a resident that can turn a burglary into assault or even murder.

Security systems are one of the best deterrents, with a lot of data to show that they can discourage criminals. It’s always a good idea for homes to have a security alarm and even a surveillance camera system installed. Still, there are other things you can do to bolster your security. Here are four popular methods.

Have A Lock Box For Spare Keys

The general advice is, don’t leave spare keys lying around the property. Many people, especially those with children, feel the need to include a spare key, just in case the usual house key gets lost. Spare keys are usually placed under welcome mats, in flowerpots, or other apparent places that thieves will search.

If you must have a spare key on your property, the better alternative is to invest in a small lockbox, preferably one with a numerical code system, and store the key there. It may be more visible and obvious but is much more secure.

Install Motion Tracking Lights

Thieves prefer not to be seen, since being visible means people will react, or, worse yet, remember identifying characteristics they might then pass onto the police. This one reason why when thieves are evaluating a house to see if it’s worth breaking into, they may do so at night.

Motion tracking lights, however, automatically turn on when something passes through their field of detection. This not only makes the thieves visible, but it can also attract the attention of homeowners coming to investigate what set the motion sensor off in the first place.

Use Social Media After Your Trip

If you’re going on vacation and you don’t have an alarm system, this means your home is now empty and vulnerable to thorough searching and theft. Once thieves enter, they have days to find what’s most valuable in your home and make off with it. Many homeowners unintentionally help thieves by posting about vacations before and during the trip.

For enterprising thieves, this announces you’re not at home, and your valuables are vulnerable. If you want to post photos and make comments, wait until you’ve returned home.

Use Digital Security

Finally, it’s not just physical security you need to worry about. As more home features become “smart” and go online, it opens up more points of digital access to a home. Ensure you maintain a firewall, and change the default passwords of any new products you buy with online features. Failing to do so gives digital thieves a way to get into your system and seize control.

If you want to have a more secure home, we can help. Contact Supercircuits, and we can assess your property and find the security arrangements that keep you and your family safe.

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