Are You Protecting Your Deliveries?

Posted on October 6th, 2020

Are You Protecting Your Deliveries?

Are You Protecting Your Deliveries?

45% of Americans have packages delivered to their homes or businesses at least once per month. 36% of Americans have experienced package theft. With the holiday season approaching quickly, it’s important to keep your deliveries protected whether your deliveries are to a personal address or to your local business. When many think of package theft, they think about packages being stolen from the porches of homes. While this is the most common package theft scenario, it’s not the only scenario. Some businesses may have supplies delivered during off-hours, and these supplies or bits of inventory are just as at risk of falling victim to package thieves.

Package theft can leave individuals and businesses out quite a bit of money. With the average package theft costing around $100, these numbers add up particularly for those who seem to be targeted again and again.


Keep Your Deliveries Protected


Keeping your deliveries protected can give you more confidence with your orders before the holiday season of 2020. A few ways you can keep your deliveries better protected against package thieves are:


  • Keep your tracking handy – If you’re expecting a particularly important delivery, keep your tracking number handy. You’ll be able to better track your package from the time it leaves it’s origin point until it reaches its destination, and you’ll know when you can expect it to be at your door. In some instances, you may even want to take the day off, stop home at lunch, or make a stop to the business on an off-day just to ensure your package is safe.


  • Use post office boxes – If you’re unable to be home to watch out for your deliveries, you may want to use a post office box where your packages can be kept safe until you’re able to pick them up. This allows your packages to bypass the porch altogether, and ensures their safety at your convenience. While this may not be an option for all deliveries, but it is a simple solution for smaller packages.


  • Invest in a doorbell camera – Doorbell cameras have boomed in popularity in recent years, and this was largely driven by the epidemic of package thefts sweeping the nation. Business and home owners have grown tired of having their deliveries stolen, and doorbell cameras present a convenient, effective, and workable solution. With a doorbell camera, not only will you deter package theft, but you’ll have evidence should your deliveries go missing. This evidence can be used to find local package thieves and bring justice in court.


Protect Yourself Before The Holidays


While it may be early fall now, many are starting their holiday shopping early, and the peak holiday shopping season will be here before we know it. Protecting your deliveries now will ensure you’ll be ready once this peak delivery season begins. If you’re looking for the right doorbell camera to suit your needs, our professionals have just the suggestions you need. Contact us at Supercircuits today to keep your home and your deliveries safe.

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