Everything You Need To Know About Wireless Video Security Camera Systems

Posted on September 16th, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Wireless Video Security Camera Systems

Everything You Need To Know About Wireless Video Security Camera Systems

When it comes to home security, the changes in technology and advancements are making it easier even for non- technical people to be able to install and use the latest advancements in home security; the wire free video security camera. While video surveillance systems are not new, but they are now so fine tuned and reasonably priced every homeowner can afford to protect their home. So let’s look at the benefits of wireless video security camera systems.


How A Wireless Camera Works


The way a wireless camera works is by transmitting the camera’s video through a radio (RF) transmitter. When the camera records video, it is sent to a receiver that is connected to a built in storage or another option is to use the cloud storage. Then with your monitor or receiver, you can access all of your images. Wireless security cameras have five functions that are standard. These include:

  1. Wireless technology:

The benefit of Wireless over wired technology is the need to install unsightly wiring running from to each camera. Another benefit of wireless surveillance systems is that there are no wires to let intruders know they are under surveillance and no wires that savvy burglars can cut. Even if the power in your home goes out, your system will continue to transmit.


  1. Motion Detectors:

Motion detectors in wireless security systems are both energy efficient and secure. Whenever there is motion on your property they will start recording automatically. If you choose to go with pan and tilt cameras the cameras will swivel to the motion and begin recording.


  1. Scheduled Recordings:

This is truly one of the best advantages of a video security camera system. It is easy for you to set your system to record at the times you have scheduled. This feature helps you to make sure your home is secure. You can schedule to record when the kids come home from school or make sure that your cleaning people are doing their job. When you schedule your recordings you are aware of what is happening in your home all the time.

  1. Cloud Storage:

Cloud storage is one of the key components to your system. All images and videos recorded by your cameras will be transferred through your home Wi-Fi to cloud storage. This way you can access your clips at your convenience.


  1. Remote Access:

Remote access is the one component that makes home surveillance systems more convenient than those of other systems. The majority of mobile systems will allow you to remotely access, monitor control and adjust your home’s surveillance systems from an online account or your smartphone. This allows you to monitor, manage and control your cameras from your home, work, car, or even when you are on vacation.


Installing Wireless Video Surveillance


With less equipment needed, wireless cameras are easy to install. Once you have determined where your cameras need to be placed to maintain the most security, Once your cameras have been installed with their brackets, connect the cables to your device, and then download the remote app.

If you are looking at adding home security to your home, then you should go with a wireless security system, the experts at Supercircuits can help. Our wireless systems have all you need for your home security with cameras, a network video recording device, preconfigured hard drive and access to our free mobile app. Call us today and let us help you get the security you need, wirelessly.






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