Four Fall Home Security Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

Posted on October 12th, 2020

Four Fall Home Security Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

Four Fall Home Security Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

With the changing of the seasons, there are a lot of home maintenance chores to do to prepare for winter. On your list of to-dos should be a few items to help protect your home’s security. These tips will protect your family during the holiday season and beyond. Here are four tips to increase your home’s security this Fall.


  1. Check Your Locks


The metal expands and contracts during the change of temperature. This can weaken your locks over time which can leave you vulnerable to break ins. Go around your home and check the locks on all your doors. If you find them to be weak, difficult to lock or unlock or have given when you push against the door, it’s time to replace them. A good idea is to consider smart locks. They provide the highest level of security of all locks and come with a range of great features like keyless entry and even built in security cameras.


  1. Trim Your Landscaping


Overgrown landscaping can provide burglars places to hide out of sight on your property. Fall is the best time to trim bushes, branches, and remove any plants that have gotten too large. Removing this excess landscaping will remove any of the hiding spots criminals can use. If you have outdoor security cameras, make sure to check and remove any vegetation that could be blocking the view.


  1. Prepare For Any Holiday Travel


During the Fall is when we travel the most. Many people go back home to spend the holidays with their families. While others use this time to take a much needed vacation to capitalize on paid days off. If you plan on traveling this Fall, start preparing your home for your departure:


  • Lock up any valuables
  • Install a security system that has remote monitoring so you can check in while you are away
  • Make sure to have your mail redirected
  • Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to monitor your home while you are away
  • Leave a few lights on or invest in a smart light system that will automatically turn them on and off


Taking these steps now will ensure you can just focus on relaxing and enjoying time with your family over the holidays.


  1. Install Or Upgrade Your Home Security System


There have been some significant advancements in home security systems over the last few years. Now they have more functionality and features than ever before, but cost less than ever before. If you have an older system, it’s time to speak to a security professional about an upgrade. If you are just now thinking about getting a security system, it’s time to look at protecting your home.

These simple tips will help increase the security of your home so you can just kick back and enjoy the season. The experts at Supercircuits can help. We’ll help identify the risks around your home and come up with a comprehensive strategy to keep you safe, whether you stay home for the holidays or take a trip. Give us a call today and we’ll get started right away!

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