Four Steps For Improving Your Business Access Control System

Posted on November 5th, 2020

Four Steps For Improving Your Business Access Control System

Four Steps For Improving Your Business Access Control System

Access control systems are the best way to secure your building. They ensure that only authorized people can enter sensitive areas. Access control systems can be installed anywhere including entry points, gates, and storage units. However, installing an access control system that really works for your business can be tricky. It requires a high degree of expertise and the latest technology. If you’re looking to upgrade your access control system, here are four steps to take:

Test The System

Periodically testing your access control system will ensure that it is working. A good idea is to test the system with people who have different levels of access. This should include people who have no access at all. Monitor the system and make sure it is working. Note any issues or areas of improvement. You should do this kind of testing at least every quarter, but more frequently if you have a high volume of traffic or very sensitive information or assets you are working to protect.


Inspect Your Property

Property needs change over time. As businesses grow they add staff and storage. If you’ve made any changes to the layout of your office or had any growth recently, you should review your entire property. Make sure that every point that needs access control, has access control. If not, then start to make plans of where you need to add more access control, as well as, what areas no longer need access control.


Review Who Has Access

Keeping access entry logs and permissions current is very important. Sadly, the majority of workplace crime is committed by employees. We like to trust our staff, but we have to be pragmatic about our risks. So develop a protocol to review your access list routinely. Make sure that:


  • Any terminate employees no longer have access
  • Every employee only has the access they need
  • Each employee is using their correct identifier


Make sure to work with human resources to ensure that you’ve got all the correct information. An easy way to do this is to simply wipe the slate clean and issue new key cards/codes to your staff. That way you’ll know exactly who can get in where.


Upgrade Your Access Control System

Security technology has advanced at a rapid pace. This has made newer systems more advanced, more secure, and more affordable. Review some of the new features of access control systems like remote monitoring, biometric data entry, and integration into your alarm and surveillance camera systems. Then contact a security professional to discuss your options and to find a more technologically-advanced system for your business.

These tips will help ensure that your current access control system is working hard to protect your business. If you’re looking for other ways to secure your business, contact Supercircuits. We have a large inventory of the most technologically-advanced security equipment and a staff of certified security experts that can help answer any questions.



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