Gear For Members Of The Law Enforcement Community

Posted on September 30th, 2020

Gear For Members Of The Law Enforcement Community

Gear For Members Of The Law Enforcement Community

News outlets have been reporting on bad policing practices for months and months now. As such, all officers are quickly becoming clumped into the same category. Yes, there are bad seeds in precincts across the nation, and unfortunately, citizens see their actions up close and personal on their TVs. Still, though, it is not right to label every cop as immoral or unethical. Many of the professionals go to work each day to protect and serve.

They treat people equally, regardless of their race or religion. All these individuals want to do is help their respective communities. There are eyes everywhere, as people have cell phones readily available to record incidents at any time. Then again, if no video comes to fruition, the matters could turn into he said/she said arguments. Thus, departments should give their officers the gear they need to reveal what really happens during altercations.

The remaining sections will focus on several devices that can protect individuals and police stations alike. Improperly handled situations often result in protests or riots in the streets. Cops can use these items for surveillance purposes, covert operations, and more. The units produce evidence that can prove them innocent of any wrongdoing too. Sheriffs, chiefs, and captains should read on to see if these solutions are excellent fits for their outfits.

Windshield Mounted Dash Cameras

The particular unit being discussed here is the Whistler Dual 1080p HD Windshield Mount Dash Camera with DVR. It has two built-in cameras that record the inside of the cab and the surroundings outside the car. This camera has a 2.7" LCD screen, which is easy to view, but not too large that it distracts the driver. An 8GB Micro SD Card is included with the purchase for recordings. Some of its other notable features include...

  • A/V Output
  • Motion Detection Function
  • File Protection
  • Adjustable Digital Zoom
  • Parking Monitor Function


The Perfect Camera For Covert Operations

Not all covert cameras are created equal. Officers deserve the best gear while going undercover, which is where this Covert Button and Screw Micro Camera Kit comes in handy. People can easily conceal wires beneath their clothing and capture happenings in high resolution with the button lens. The day/night camera has a 0.0001 lux low light rating, which means it is perfect for dimly lit applications. Plus, this kit comes with a button, flat pinhole, screw, and conical lens that are interchangeable. Whatever officers need, this kit has them covered.


A Camera That Can Be Left On Its Own And Retrieved Later

The RECONYX™ MR5 MicroFire™ is considered an IR wildlife camera. Officers can set it up in places where crimes have occurred but have not been solved. This device is an excellent choice for catching poachers, trespassers, wreckless four-wheeler operators, and more. It records 720p HD video, and Wi-Fi enabled image transfer can occur up to 100-feet away. This unit also comes with a universal mount and does not rely on straps. It is easy to use and install. Get these for your station today and discover what the fuss is all about for yourself.

Obtain the law enforcement gear that your officers need by giving Supercircuits a call.


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