How Secure Is The Parking Lot On Your Property?

Posted on September 18th, 2020

How Secure Is The Parking Lot On Your Property?

How Secure Is The Parking Lot On Your Property?

Around 10% of all property crimes occur in parking lots, and parking lots are home to a staggering number of assaults throughout the United States. While business owners in any region may be paying close attention to securing their property, too few are considering their parking lots a part of that property as well.

A parking lot that is dark, dangerous, or has a previous history of crimes will be well known throughout an area. It may deter customers or potential employees from visiting your establishment in the first place. If a visitor to your property does not feel safe, they certainly will not want to stick around.

Safeguarding your parking lot is an important part of any security plan, and it should be treated with as much care as protecting your physical place of business. Approaching your parking lot security is simple, but you have to turn to some of today’s modern security technology solutions to ensure a safe and welcoming experience for all.


Tips For A More Secure Parking Lot


Here are a few tips that can put you on the path to having a more secure parking lot:


  • Install Ample Lighting – Lighting might seem like a simple concept, but it is a highly effective security tool. Criminals would prefer to vandalize or steal under the cover of darkness as they know that they are less likely to get caught. When it is dark, victims may not be able to see their features clearly, security cameras might not be able to capture them well on footage, and they can easily slip in and away. Installing sufficient lighting around your parking lot ensures that any illegal actions committed on your property are going to be detected.


  • Consider Access Control – Access control is another excellent consideration for your parking lot security strategy. For those with parking garages or businesses that are closed after certain hours, access control ensures that only authorized individuals are allowed onto your property. While access control may not be a fit for a business that is open 24 hours or openly welcomes the public, it is a worthwhile security layer for exclusive lots that require authorization before granting entry.


  • Security Cameras Are Invaluable – Security cameras are a fit for any parking lot, and they can be an invaluable asset to any property. They will deter crime before it happens while capturing footage should any incidents occur. In addition to deterring burglaries, assaults, and vandalism, security cameras may help deter fraudulent liability claims from staged slip and falls or other similar accidents.



A Welcoming Property With Security


With the right security strategy, you can see to it that your property remains safe for the public. Whether you are welcoming customers and guests throughout the day, or your property parking lot is meant for employees only, we have the technologies you need to keep safe.

To learn more about better security for your parking lot, contact Supercircuits to talk to our security professionals today.

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