Is The Complete Video Doorbell Intercom Kit Right For You?

Posted on October 16th, 2020

Is The Complete Video Doorbell Intercom Kit Right For You?

Is The Complete Video Doorbell Intercom Kit Right For You?

Many peoples' homes don't feel as safe as they once did today. For one, some of the peaceful protests across the US have turned into dangerous and deadly riots. There is no telling when dangers might present themselves at someone’s door. Plus, news outlets always seem to be running stories about burglaries, home invasions, rapes, murders, and more. With so much going on, many homeowners are uneasy about their living situations. Thankfully, there are some measures that citizens can take to give themselves peace of mind and rest peacefully at night.

Some folks pull out all the stops and have their places outfitted with outdoor lighting, security cameras, and intrusion alarms. Meanwhile, others hire monitoring companies to watch their residences 24/7. Heck, some people even hire armed security guards to protect their homes from threats. Regardless of which category you find yourself in, a complete video doorbell intercom kit could be perfect for you.

It can serve as a stand-alone system or makes an excellent addition to an existing security system. The remaining sections here will focus on some of the features and benefits associated with this product. Hence, curious consumers should sit back, relax, and read on to learn more.


Hands-Free Video Intercom Communication

This kit comes with a 7" LCD indoor station that ensures a person can clearly see who is at their door. Yes, that aspect is important, but the system also has two-way audio. The communications can take place hands-free, which is a huge plus. After all, who wants to have to stop cooking, cleaning, or watching TV just to converse with strangers or tell friends that they will only be a minute?


Night-Vision Technology

As mentioned above, the outdoor pinhole camera doorbell station produces crisp and detailed images on the LCD screen. It even does so in the dark, thanks to night-vision technology. System owners don't have to squint and try to make out blurry pictures. Nor do they have to open the door actually to discover who is lurking outside. Even in low-light settings,  like when the porch light is off, this camera/intercom kit exceeds expectations.

So, if you are wary of the night and scared of who might be trying to get inside, don't be. Instead, purchase and install this complete video doorbell intercom kit to kick those feelings to the curb. It can prove to be just what you have been searching for to keep you and your family safe.


Includes Everything Needed For An Easy Installation

How many times have you bought something, only to learn that you need other pieces to make it work? The answer is probably too many times to count. It happens to the best of us, but that issue will not occur with this kit. The combo has everything a person needs for an easy and professional-looking installation. Cables, brackets, mounting hardware, and the power cord are all included. It even comes with a quick start guide, a one-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and free technical support. Invest in the equipment today and find out what the fuss is about for yourself.

Give Supercircuits a call to learn more about our complete video doorbell intercom kit.

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