Keep Your Business Safe During Reopening

Posted on September 22nd, 2020

Keep Your Business Safe During Reopening

Keep Your Business Safe During Reopening

Businesses across the United States are either opening or gearing up to re-open during these unprecedented times. What many business owners are finding is that reopening also means learning new protocol, safety measures, and business practices that may be very different from their operations pre-pandemic. Business owners of all industries are trying to navigate a landscape where they need to consider their businesses, while also juggling the safety and security of their employees, clients, and patrons as well.

The right security technologies and considerations can help business owners to reopen more safely. Along with protocols like mask wearing, hand sanitizing stations, and distancing, these technologies provide that necessary additional helping hand that leads to true peace of mind.


Technologies To Keep Safe


Whether your business opens to the public, or you’re exclusive to employees and business partners, today’s security technologies make getting back to work safer, simpler, and more confident all around. Some technologies that can be incorporated into your reopening business are:


  • Temperature detection stations – While not all carriers of Covid-19 are symptomatic, a fever will be the first symptom experienced by many. Before cough, headache, or fatigue, they may experience a rise in temperature they weren’t even aware they had. Some businesses may trust employees and customers to take temperatures before they leave the house, but only one slightly symptomatic individual can spread the virus to any they come in contact with. Temperature detection stations can be installed at entryways to detect the temperature of every employee, customer, or client who walks through your doors.


  • Security cameras – Security cameras can protect your business during any time, but they’re particularly important now. Security cameras around your business can make sure that all employees and customers are wearing masks as directed, and they can catch any incidents that may occur on your footage. If you have a difficult customer who refuses to wear a mask, or a conflict occurs, your security cameras will provide you with all the evidence you need to get the situation under control.


  • Access control – Controlling crowds is another new measure that many businesses are struggling to navigate, and particularly those that are open to the public. Access control allows you to control access to various parts of your business property, and it allows you to cut access when occupancy limits have been reached. For those in the restaurant industry managing indoor dining with reservation-only strategies, access control can ensure that only those with a reservation are allowed access to your dining area.



Taking Care Of Your Security Today, Tomorrow, And Always


While the times being lived in now won’t last forever, it’s important to take care of the now in order to get to tomorrow. The right security technologies can help you to better navigate reopening during Covid-19, and to do so safely with better peace of mind. If you’re looking for technologies and security strategies to navigate your reopening, contact us at Supercircuits to see what we have for you today.

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