Keeping Your Deliveries Safe This Holiday Season

Posted on November 3rd, 2020

Keeping Your Deliveries Safe This Holiday Season

Keeping Your Deliveries Safe This Holiday Season

The days are getting shorter and the holiday season is ramping up. While Black Friday has been the traditional “start” of the holiday season in previous years, the pandemic has families all across the United States starting their holiday season earlier than ever. As a matter of fact, 2020 has seen the start of the shopping season begin in early October. Whether you have started already, or you’re gearing up to start searching for those perfect gifts, it’s important to keep your deliveries safe. Due to safety concerns in a time of Covid-19, online shopping is poised to have its biggest year yet, and that means plenty of packages arriving on doorsteps all throughout the United States.


3 Ways To Keep Your Deliveries Safe This Holiday Season

Porch pirates have become a huge concern for many since the rise of e-commerce. Rather than making the riskier move of shoplifting from a store, thieves are taking their chances on personal porches and doorsteps instead. Relying on a lack of security and how quickly they can get into and out of a property, they’d rather blindly take packages in favor of sneaking merchandise out of a store. Luckily, however, there are several things individuals can do to ensure their packages are safe as they safely holiday shop this year:


  1. Ship to store – If you’re shopping with a retailer that has brick and mortar storefronts, one option may be to have your deliveries shipped to the store. Many big box retailers offer this option, and it’ll bring your packages safely to the storefront closest to you for easy pickup. During a time when many individuals would rather avoid spending a lot of time in busy stores, the picking process is quick, simple, and takes no more than just a couple of minutes.


  1. Install a doorbell camera – Doorbell cameras have become a huge hit alongside e-commerce, and for good reason. These cameras keep a watchful eye over where your packages are most likely to be left, and they can catch thieves in the act should anyone attempt to take your deliveries from your property. This footage can be used as evidence later on, and you may remotely monitor your porch area to keep an eye on packages throughout the day.


  1. Monitor your deliveries – When your packages are shipped, you’ll likely receive tracking information to follow your deliveries along their journey to you. Monitoring your deliveries will let you know when to expect them on your porch and can allow you to be home when they arrive. If you cannot be home to meet them, having them sent to a store, a PO or delivery box, or having a trusted neighbor pick them up are all possibilities.



Keeping Your Holiday Season Safe

A safe holiday season is a fun holiday season, and this means staying safe from criminals and Covid-19. With our security technologies like doorbell cameras, you can remain safe while holiday shopping and know that your deliveries are safe as well. For more on how to secure your porch this holiday season, contact us at Supercircuits today.





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