Security Tips For Safer Schools

Posted on October 28th, 2020

Security Tips For Safer Schools

Security Tips For Safer Schools

Keeping schools safe is a priority for all administrators, community members, and parents of any area. While so many schools are spending time temporarily closed or vacant during the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s no better time to upgrade these security systems and ensure that kids are kept completely safe when it’s time to go back. Today’s technologies provide better safety and security than ever before, and when combined with simple common sense security measures, parents can have true peace of mind when they drop their kids off at the school or the bus stop each and every day.

When securing a school property, it’s important to use various security layers to complete a comprehensive security plan. Cameras, locks, gates, remote monitoring, and access control all have their place in a well thought out school security system.


Tips For Securing Your School

With all of the uncertainty that surrounded the summer, some schools may not have had time to make security upgrades during this very crucial time. With many schools remaining temporarily closed around the country, this provides a bit of extra time to get those security strategies planned out, installed, and in working condition ready for kids to come back once again. A few security tips that should be considered in your new security system upgrade are:

  • Limit available entryways – The more entryways a school has, the more space that needs to be covered to ensure only authorized individuals are making their way inside. Schools do require many exits and doorways, however, to ensure all inside can evacuate in the event of an emergency. Limiting entryways can be done simply with access control, and only allowing certain doors to provide entry into the school at any given time. The other doorways may be used as exits when needed, entry when necessary, but closed during all other times. This makes monitoring those coming into the school much easier and more effective.


  • Security camera systems – Security camera systems placed inside and outside of the school is a necessity when it comes to proper school security. Modern wireless and wired systems that allow for remote monitoring will keep eyes on all hallways, entryways, windows, and broadly around the property all throughout the day.


  • Don’t forget parking lots – School parking lots are often forgotten, leaving a huge breach in security right around the school’s main entry points. Security guards monitoring the parking lot, security cameras, and access control gates ensure your parking lot remains secure during and off school hours.

Keeping Today’s Schools Safe 

Keeping kids safe means keeping their schools safe, and the right security technologies are built to do just that. During this off-time for many schools, there is no better time to consider your school security and how it can be improved for when it’s time for students to come back. If you’re interested in revamping your school’s security strategies, contact us at Supercircuits to learn more about our available security technologies and what we can do for you today.

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