What To Ask Before Hiring Someone To Install Your Security System

Posted on October 20th, 2020

What To Ask Before Hiring Someone To Install Your Security System

What To Ask Before Hiring Someone To Install Your Security System

Purchasing a security system is the best thing you can do to protect your home or business. However, just as important is getting these systems properly installed. Proper installation ensures that the security equipment is protected, works perfectly, and you understand how to use it. Finding the right installation expert can be a bit challenging, but if you know what questions to ask, you’ll be sure to hire the best one. Here’s what to ask:


  1. Are You Fully Licensed And Insured?


Any reputable installation company will be fully licensed in their state of operation. They’ll also be a meme of a local or national industry association. They should be able to provide this information right up front. Security companies should also be fully insured to protect you in case something happens with the installation. Asking them for this information is the easiest way to ensure they are a legitimate operation.


  1. Is There A Warranty On The Installation?


Installations can impact the functionality of your security system. So most security installation companies offer a service guarantee on their work. These can range in time and many have options for add-on warranties that can extend the length of coverage. You should also ask about service and maintenance packages. Often they are more affordable than paying for individual repairs in the future.


  1. How Will My System Be Monitored?


If you’re investing in a monitored system, it’s a good idea to get all the details. Monitored systems are monitored by the security company. If there is an incident they will notify you and law enforcement depending on the circumstances. It’s a good idea to understand not only how your system will be monitored, but how they will contact you if there is an incident.


  1. What Will The Installation Involve?


Every security system is different. Some systems protect a large area with multiple hardwired cameras. These systems require running long lengths of cables, drilling holes into walls, and setting up mounts. Others protect a small area with a single wireless camera but interface with motion detectors and alarms. These systems usually require less invasive installation processes. That way you can be prepared the day of installation for the whole process.


  1. What Do You Recommend?


Installation experts often identify vulnerabilities during the installation process. When they find these holes in your security plan, they can help make recommendations to remedy the situation. They have a lot of industry knowledge and can recommend features and systems are available that you may not have considered. So make sure to ask what they recommend for your unique security requirements.

Asking these simple questions can ensure that you’ve picked the right security installation company. Supercircuits can help. We have a large network of fully licensed, expert installers. We can help you find the right company to install your new system. Give us a call today at 1-877-955-2288 and we’ll refer you to an authorized installation company.




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