What To Do If There Is a Break-In While You Are Home

Posted on November 19th, 2020

What To Do If There Is a Break-In While You Are Home

What To Do If There Is a Break-In While You Are Home

Break-ins can be a traumatic experience for everyone in the household. It can leave the victims feeling vulnerable and exposed. Many people are also not as prepared as they should be when it comes down to what they need to do if there is a break-in while they are in the house.

Here is what you need to do should you find yourself in the middle of a home invasion:

Safe Zone

There needs to be a predetermined safe zone that all the members of your family know about. When you realize there is an intruder anywhere on the property, stay calm. Avoid making any kind of noise, and never let the intruder know that someone is in the house. You never know how many perpetrators there are, what their intentions are, and how they might react if they see that someone is home.

As long as they do not realize you are there or they think you are still asleep, you can gather your family and go to a safe place in the home. Go somewhere with locked doors and a physical barrier you can put between yourself and the intruders.

If you can leave the house without being seen, that would be even better. Go to a trusted neighbor's home and contact the police immediately.

Call The Authorities

Again, once you and your family are somewhere safe, call the police. Do this even if you have a home security or alarm monitoring system. In such a case, law enforcement officers should already be on their way to your residence. However, getting in touch with them can give you the chance to tell them what is going on and inform them that it is a real situation and not just a false alarm.

Give the dispatcher your home address, your name, and everything you know about the situation. Do you know how many intruders there are? Where are they inside the home? What do they look like? Are they armed?

Take An Inventory

Once the police have arrived and the situation is handled, you will need to look around and assess the damage and determine what has been taken. A home inventory list will prove to be helpful in this kind of situation. When listing damaged or missing items, make sure to also write down the items' approximate value along with a detailed description of each.

The Investigation

Now you can assist the police in their investigation. They will ask you questions about what happened and what details you remember. If you have home security footage, they will ask to review it. Before they leave, make sure you get a copy of the police report and write down your case number.

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