6 Law Enforcement Security Tech Trends In 2020

Posted on April 28th, 2020

6 Law Enforcement Security Tech Trends In 2020

6 Law Enforcement Security Tech Trends In 2020

These days, limited funds are provided to public safety agencies, which put a lot of people on edge. The good news is that emerging technologies allow the industry of law enforcement security to achieve better results without the need to tap into human resources. 

This year, expect to see these tech trends that will bring significant changes to law enforcement security:

1. Smartwatches

Smartwatches are now becoming a practical communication device in law enforcement security. Agencies can take advantage of wearable devices for officers to enhance communication. Smartwatches allow for better and more discreet communication with the push of a button. Furthermore, they promote the safety of the officers by monitoring their vitals, especially while they are out in the field.

2. Drones

In 2020, expect to see more drones hovering outside. Drones have proven to be helpful to police departments for surveillance, search and rescue, and crime investigation. Therefore, the increase in the number of police-controlled drones will be widely felt this year.

Despite the recent controversy surrounding the use of drones, law enforcement will mitigate concerns about drones by implementing more in-depth and improved drone usage policies and procedures in collaboration with the members of the community.

3. Mobile 

With the growing number of mobile users today, it’s no surprise that law enforcement security officers are adopting the trend. Officers will be equipped with various mobile devices that will make their jobs easier and more efficient while on foot. The influx of new mobile devices apt for law enforcement gives agencies a reason to develop their officers’ skills and expertise in mobile technology to meet certain data protection requirements today.

4. 5G 

The rollout of 5G networks is underway, which will improve connectivity and functionality for users. With 5G technology, security devices will be more efficient as it provides a stable connection to the internet that will allow officers to accomplish a myriad of essential security tasks.

5. Cloud-Based Platforms 

The explosion of digital data in the world of law enforcement will shift toward data management as agencies move to cloud for storing and retrieving valuable data such as evidence. It will bring a higher degree of security and sophistication that will ensure up-to-date law enforcement software, which will significantly improve audit trails and permission-based access.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The rise of AI technology in the modern age has provided the law enforcement industry with innovation that will give them valuable insights. AI will allow law enforcement security personnel to implement better strategies based on quick and efficient data produced by AI and machine learning. Moreover, it will help officers identify high-risk areas that require more protection, find primary connections between suspects, and explore ideas buried in a sea of data.

These innovations will continue to shape the future of law enforcement and allow for improved relationships and interventions that will keep the public safe. Along with these technological advances, proper cooperation among officers, agencies, and society remain vital.

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