Can Security Cameras Really Prevent Crimes?

Posted on April 10th, 2020

Can Security Cameras Really Prevent Crimes?

Can Security Cameras Really Prevent Crimes?

When you go on a leisurely walk through the busy streets of a big city, you will probably find several security cameras strategically installed in the vicinity. If you have been wondering whether these tiny electronic eyes really help bring crime rates down, you should be comforted by the fact that they indeed help prevent crimes and bring criminals to justice.

So just how well do surveillance cameras work to minimize crimes and prevent them from happening altogether? Take a look at these figures and see for yourself. 

Burglaries Are Prevented Thanks To Security Cameras

Research conducted on hundreds of burglars suggests that security cameras have prevented over 60% of the respondents from targeting properties that have them installed. Those same respondents said they would choose another place if they knew there was a security camera on-site, while 50% expressed they would definitely terminate an operation if they discover security cameras on the premises. This is proof that having a security camera system in place decreases the chances of your property being broken into.

All Kinds Of Criminal Activity Are Reduced By Half With Security Cameras

Crime rates dropped by half in New York after security cameras were installed around the city. That is more than enough reason for you to consider getting quality surveillance equipment for your property since many criminals are discouraged to push through with their plans by the mere sight of security cameras. Law enforcement officials have also noted that having access to closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage has improved their ability to solve cases. 

Security Camera Footage Is Invaluable To Crime Investigation

Break-ins, burglary, vandalism, murder, and everything in between are deterred thanks to the presence of surveillance cameras. In case any of those crimes happen within your premises or community, CCTV footage is among the first types of evidence that law enforcers will look for during the investigation. It is extremely valuable in the investigation process because aside from providing hard evidence, it can help corroborate other evidence in the crime scene. 

Internal Crimes Are Also Deterred With Surveillance Cameras

While security cameras help prevent burglars and other potential criminals from trespassing, internal crimes can still occur in your home or place of business. Results from a study show that more than 80% of business managers also have electronic monitoring devices installed in their establishments. 

Investing in security cameras and other types of surveillance equipment is one of the best ways you can protect yourself from being a victim of criminal activity. Not only is a security camera a proactive solution that can help deter crimes, but the footage it records can also be used as hard evidence in criminal investigations. Get in touch with us at Supercircuits and give yourself the gift of quality 24/7 security. 

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