Cybersecurity Threats Facing Unprepared Hospitals

Posted on January 9th, 2020

Cybersecurity Threats Facing Unprepared Hospitals

Cybersecurity Threats Facing Unprepared Hospitals

The healthcare industry is facing huge challenges ahead when it comes to their cybersecurity. Reports have shown that cyberattacks and ransomware are increasing, and the healthcare industry has become one of the biggest targets.

There are even computer viruses that have been created that are able to add tumors into CT and MRI scans. Other malware can cause doctors to misdiagnose patients, and it is becoming a massive public health concern that needs to be addressed.

With everything becoming connected to the internet, including patient records, lab results, and even the elevators, we need to find better solutions for protecting these digital assets and improve patient care in our hospitals.

Hospital Breaches

41 percent of breaches reported in the previous year were in the healthcare industry. This means that approximately one-third of the breaches were also related to some kind of hacking or malware attack. For each patient record that is stolen because of this, it can cost more than $400 a piece which is upwards of three times more than it would cost in other sectors.

Disruptions to Operations

As previously touched on above, these hackers and cyberthreats are also attacking the operations within the hospital. Not only can these types of attacks jeopardize the safety of each patient, but it can also cause harm and open the hospital up to lawsuits and malpractice claims.

Once you understand the extent of the damage that can be done due to these cyberattacks, you can then begin to come up with solutions on how to prevent them from happening.

Find Threat Entry Points

An entry point is simply a vulnerable area that a hacker can easily penetrate. For example, they can deploy a virus that can slow down your network, they can gain access to health information, and even remove any defenses you may have.

To combat this, make sure to use strong and secure passwords that are changed regularly. You will also want to comb for any other vulnerable spots that may exist in your network.

Learn About Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks have the ability to lock a single computer or an entire network unless you pay a certain amount of money. This is definitely something to be aware of because even hundreds of dollars here and there in the healthcare industry can definitely add up and cause problems.

To combat this, create a ransomware policy. If this happens, then someone on the IT team should be immediately notified of the occurrence. They will be trained in overall security awareness and can then follow proper procedures to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently.

Having a cloud backup system in place can also help if this kind of threat or attack occurs as well but you still want to have some kind of disaster recovery planning in the works before it happens at all.

For more information on better ways to secure your network and ensure the security of your network, contact Supercircuits today.

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