Law Enforcement Needs Security Too

Posted on April 6th, 2020

Law Enforcement Needs Security Too

Law Enforcement Needs Security Too

There are over 900,000 law enforcement officers in the USA, and the job has always posed a challenge, even under the best conditions. Unfortunately, now with the COVID-19 virus a national crisis, the responsibilities of law enforcement throughout the country just got tougher. There’s more fear and uncertainty from the citizens, but also opportunities for criminals and the looming threat of infection covers all of this.

Fortunately, law enforcement of the 21st century has many more tools at their disposal than officers of the past. Here are some of the security mechanisms that can make a difference in maintaining order.

Car Surveillance

The “dashcam” as it has come to be called, is an essential tool in police work and even investigation. In many cases, encounters police have had with the public in vehicles has usually been a case of “my word against yours” unless multiple witnesses were on hand.

Now, however, everything from a police pursuit to an arrest can be documented by a dashcam. This not only records the specific events, as they occurred, for an indisputable eyewitness, it can also record important details that fallible human memory might miss. The exact color, make of a car, and license plates can call be clearly seen in a good quality camera.

Access Control

For law enforcement buildings, this can be vitally important. While facilities like police stations are open to the general public, many aspects are for authorized personnel only. Evidence lockers and, more importantly, arms and ammunition storage, are areas that need to be protected from unauthorized access.

Access control is modern electronic systems that can be applied to every point of entry in a building. Depending on what a law enforcement agency needs, numeric keypads, keycards, or even biometrics can be incorporated to ensure that only authorized personnel gets in. The best part of these systems is that, unlike an old fashioned lock and key mechanism, a lost or stolen key doesn’t inconvenience everyone. Lost keys mean locks must be changed, and new keys issued to everyone. With modern systems, old codes or keycards can be revoked from the system without needing a new lock installed.

Security Cameras

Throughout a law enforcement property, security cameras can be an important piece of the law enforcement puzzle. As one primary example, suspect interrogation is a critical part of the arrest and investigation process. However, there is always concern about “coerced confessions,” something that is addressed by the presence of surveillance cameras in the room.

With good quality video and audio images, suspect questioning can also be entered into evidence in court when seeking prosecution. They can also be stationed outside the perimeter of the property, which can be especially useful in discouraging acts of vandalism on the building itself, or to the vehicles that are parked there. Police property deserves security surveillance protection too.

For any law enforcement agency interested in boosting their security footprint, we can help. Contact Supercircuits, and we can evaluate your needs, and come up with the security solutions that give you greater protection and coverage.

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