Law Enforcement Surveillance Equipment Audio and Surveillance Tech

Posted on June 8th, 2020

Law Enforcement Surveillance Equipment Audio and Surveillance Tech

Law Enforcement Surveillance Equipment Audio and Surveillance Tech

Surveillance Tech

Several tech devices exist today that help keep law enforcement ahead of the crime. As a police officer, you experience frequent traffic stops, paperwork, and you are face to face with the community. With all of this interaction, it is important to ensure that law enforcement officials have new and improved gadgets that help them fight and prevent crime.

Robotic Cameras

Since law enforcement can't be everywhere at once because some situations are just too dangerous, they can use robotic cameras. These cameras can be deployed into areas where it may be harder to reach or too dangerous for an officer to go. They are useful when law enforcement does not have a clear line of sight.

Robotic cameras are often used to detect bombs and survey suspicious homes and vehicles at a safe distance wirelessly. The wheels on these robots were designed so they can climb and get to these areas.

License Plate Recognition

The license plate recognition system is an integrated camera database technology that helps streamline the process of finding stolen vehicles and wanted criminals. The system takes a photo of the vehicle's license plate and then processes the plate against the database. It alerts law enforcement if there is a problem.

Drones and Unmanned Aircrafts

Drones are sometimes used to help search for suspects and gather information about an area that may be difficult for a helicopter to reach. It is also a way that law enforcement can save money and keep their officers out of harm's way.

Smart Cruisers

Instead of just the standard siren that was all police cruisers have had in the past, new cruisers are getting several upgrades to help officers. Fingertip access to Wi-Fi connected laptops in the vehicle is just one upgrade. In addition, they are adding tablets, in-dash computers, and other upgraded communication systems that can help law enforcement officials gain quick access to the vital information they may need instantly.

Enhanced Body Cameras

Since an officer's job is oftentimes dangerous and unexpected, more and more departments are outfitting their officers with enhanced body cameras. The new cameras are smaller and less intrusive. They also now integrate with the in-car system used so that video is synchronized, and multiple points of view can be obtained from an incident.

Some body cameras can also issue an alert when an officer is down, which enhances the overall safety and security of law enforcement officials on the field. The newer body cameras are more durable, provide clear audio, higher resolution, and a wider field of vision.

As you can see, many improvements are being made, and more tech is being introduced to help improve the safety and security of law enforcement officials as well as the community around them.

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