Reasons Why Campuses Need Additional Security Today

Posted on December 23rd, 2019

Reasons Why Campuses Need Additional Security Today

Reasons Why Campuses Need Additional Security Today

It is not as if school issues are new. Many things have been taking place for years and years. For example, administrations have fought the good fight over drugs finding their way onto campuses for generations now. Yet, in some cases, not only are students taking the substances at school but, sometimes, they are buying and selling them their as well. Of course, alcohol consumption can be troublesome too.

Various pupils may put liquor in water or mouthwash bottles. Then, they sip on the booze throughout the day. However, due to the number of school shootings over the last decade or so, security, or lack thereof, has become a major topic of concern for campuses all across the United States. According to an article published on the ABC15 website, there were 40 events in the nation from the start of 2018 to May.

Unfortunately, nobody is sure of how to actually nip the problem in the bud, including government officials, school leaders, or parents. Some folks insist that hiring more officers is the answer, while others suggest arming teachers could solve the dilemma. One thing is for sure, though, which is schools can't just sit back and do nothing. If they do, students, school officials, and visitors can get hurt. Hence, interested parties should read on to learn the benefits associated with schools purchasing high-quality security systems.  

Use Video Monitoring To Discover Threats Before They Get Inside The Building

Outdoor surveillance cameras are the ideal solution for helping monitors spot suspicious behavior. For instance, if a student is carrying an assault rifle up to the front door, the security team will be able to identify the threat and lock the building down. Then, school officials can contact the local police department to investigate the situation. With any luck, they can resolve the event peacefully, but if not, hopefully, they can at least prevent unsuspecting pupils and teachers from getting hurt.

Not All Threats Are On The Outside Looking In

Students can become victims of sexual assault, bullying, violence, and more. The episodes may happen in classrooms, hallways, stairwells, elevators, or other places. Of course, they shouldn't, but in reality, they do. Thus, campuses need to consider installing indoor surveillance equipment to protect the kiddos from such dangers. Having a bird's eye view of the property allows the security team to spring into action whenever they are needed. Plus, the footage can be used as evidence to prove that an issue took place.

Keep Criminals Outside Where They Belong

Access control is a security technique that limits who has access to a building. Most schools have systems that contain a doorbell-type camera with a microphone and speaker. These tools allow officials to see and communicate with the party that wants inside. If the person should be there, the representative will push a button to unlock the door. Meanwhile, if the individual does not belong, access control assures that they don’t get past. It is perfect for keeping just anyone from walking in off the streets like pedophiles, gang members, and kidnappers.  

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