Securing Your Home During A Home Remodeling Project

Posted on June 26th, 2020

Securing Your Home During A Home Remodeling Project

Securing Your Home During A Home Remodeling Project

The inside of your home isn’t the only thing that needs to be secured properly. Safeguarding the outdoor area surrounding your home is of utmost importance as well. Burglars regularly scope out a home’s surroundings and pick out any weak spots they can find so they can take advantage of them.

Outdoor security acts as a strong first line of defense to deter unwanted attention and foot traffic in and out of your home. It also helps you make sure that you can easily keep an eye on activity outside your house. While your kids are playing catch in the yard, shady figures could be watching them from a nearby location. Read on to learn about three effective ways to secure your home’s outdoor area.

Trim The Hedges

Tall hedges could greatly compromise your home’s security. This is because tall plants provide burglars with convenient hiding places and allow them to move within your property without being spotted. If you have tall shrubbery surrounding your home, burglars can also easily climb them to gain access to your home.

You can fix this issue by making sure your tall plants are regularly trimmed. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the plants are not completely blocking the view from the outside in. Remember that if they can’t see what’s going on inside, you likely won’t be able to see anything happening outside either.

Illuminate Your Exterior Spaces Well

Like tall shrubbery, a barely lit outdoor area could make your home vulnerable to break-ins at night. Criminals are expert opportunists, and a dark outdoor area is a huge green light for them to enter the home and strike. 

Address this issue by making sure your outdoor area is properly lit at any time of the day. Put your home decorating skills to good use and light up your exteriors with stylish outdoor lighting such as string lights and garden lamps. If the budget allows, you could invest in motion-activated lighting as well.

Have Surveillance Cameras Installed

An excellent way to secure your outdoor space is by strategically placing surveillance cameras throughout the area. Remember to not leave any blind spots as burglars can easily detect and exploit them. If you’re not sure about where you should place your surveillance cameras, you can easily hire a security solutions company to recommend and install your cameras for you.

You can’t put a price on your safety. When it comes to protecting your home, make sure the security measures for every inch of your property are tight. Even the slightest weak point can be taken advantage of, and it can put you and your loved ones at risk.

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