Six Benefits Interview Room Recording Systems

Posted on April 23rd, 2020

Six Benefits Interview Room Recording Systems

Six Benefits Interview Room Recording Systems

What happens when law enforcement officers use poor quality audio devices? Imagine you have a suspect in the interrogation room. After several hours of questioning the suspect hangs their head and begins to talk softly. Sitting at the table, the officers hear it, but did the recording system? More and more law enforcement agencies, district attorneys and courts are using interview recording systems, the clarity and tone of the interview room recording systems must be clear as to leave no hint of “reasonable doubt” in the case. According to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), more and more states are requiring police interview recordings for certain crimes.  The installation of interview recording systems in interview rooms provides many benefits. 

1. Timesaving:

Interview recording saves time for the investigators while they are preparing for trial. Knowing that the interview room recording system is available can help the investigator focus on the interview. They will also spend less time taking notes by hand. 

2. Protects Everyone's Rights:

A clear recorded interview will protect not just the suspect, but also the interviewers. Should the suspect get violent or if the investigator utilizes illegal techniques, the recorded interview will clearly help establish the truth. This will help protect everyone’s rights. 

3. Provides Crucial Evidence:

In some cases, there may not be any physical evidence and the interview room recording of a suspect or witness describing the details of the crime may be the only evidence that is presented in court. In some criminal cases, the interview recording may be the only reason you have a case. Having video recordings ensures you have the best chance of convicting a guilty criminal.

4. Increases Accuracy Of Testimony:

In most cases that go to court, it can be months or years before the case goes to trial. Lacking a clear interview room recording, the investigator will have to rely on notes and memory, which could lead to honest errors. These errors can cost you the case and may lead to guilty criminals getting away with their crimes.

5. Improved Questioning:

When you have an interview room recording system, more than one investigator can watch the victim or suspect in real-time. They can make discreet suggestions to the interviewer if something they noticed is missed. This allows for the possibility of a more successful interview. 

6. Provides An Accurate Record:

The best record to take to trial is a video that demonstrates not just what the suspect or victim says, but also body language, demeanor, and energy. The visual clues that an interview room recording system provides is a powerful record to take to court, to demonstrate their demeanor at the time of the crime, not after they are prepared for trial. This can help ensure juries will see a true representation of the criminal. 

7. Reduces Misconduct Allegations:

Many investigators find themselves spending more time defending what occurred during the interview than relaying the actual events. Often the defense or prosecution will make frivolous allegations over the techniques used in the interview room. A clear, audio/visual interview room recording will demonstrate to the judge and jury exactly what occurred during the interview. 

In addition to providing clear, concise recordings for court, the interview room recordings can be utilized for training and review to increase the department's performance. Best of all, no judge, jury or attorney will argue when a clearly articulated confession by the defendant is played in court. Since 1989, Supercircuits has been America’s security experts for law enforcement. Whether you already know what your department needs or are curious to see how we can ensure a quality interview recording contact us at 877.995.2288 for information. We believe your finest deserves our best. 






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